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Art Takes Time
A smallish collection of standards-based lesson plans on topics such as Cave Art, Ancient Greece, and African Art.

Art Teacher Connection
Get in touch with other Art Teachers, while learning to integrate art into the curriculum and sharing lesson plans.

Art Teacher on the Net
Covers every aspect of art through award-winning design and content.

Arts and Crafts for Kids
Project ideas from the AmazingMoms.com web site.

Arts Ed Net
Highlights lesson plans, curriculum ideas, and art exhibitions. From the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Color Theory for Teachers
A step-by-step lesson that shows teachers how best to teach color theory.

Crafts for Kids
A wealth of craft ideas and how-to's for kids, from our local expert.

Crayola Art Education
Includes lesson plans, techniques, forums, product updates, and student contests.

Elementary Art Education
A close look at the principles of art education, as well as the materials, vocabulary, and objectives that go along with a strong art program.

Global Show n' Tell
Give your students a global showcase for their artwork.

Home School Arts
Step-by-step instructions for art projects for the home-schooled child. May be adapted to the classroom.

I am the Words and Pictures I Create
An innovative lesson that combines art and language arts to meet state educational standards.

Improving Reading and Self-Esteem Through Art
A complete plan that helps you integrate the study of art with other important skills.

Inside Art
An interactive Art History game brought to you by Education Web Adventures.

A large and diversified directory of free art lessons, activities, and columns for educators.

Kite Making
A lesson plan that shows you how to make kites.

Making Friends
Includes creative activities for kids ages 2-12.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
5,000 years of art - right there on your computer monitor.

National Gallery of Art
Search the over 100,000 objects in one of the world's finest art collections.

Puppet Resource Room
A great place to start if you're looking to make puppets and use them wisely.

Study Art
An easy-to-use way to explore elements and principles of art and a whole bunch more!

Teachers Helping Teachers- The Arts
A listing of complete art lessons designated by grade level.

Teaching Art History K-12
Guide Andrea Mulder-Slater knows all about Art History and Education.

Women Artists in History
A source for reference information on great female artists from Medieval times to today.

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