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Sample Behavior Contract for Improving a Challenging Student's Behavior

Some Students Require Additional Structure and Support


Teacher Listening to her Student in the Classroom
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How to Create a Behavior Contract

Student Name:

[Student name] will demonstrate good behaviors each day at school.

[Student name] is expected to follow the teacher's directions the first time she asks him to do something. He/she is expected to do so promptly and with a good attitude. Each time that [Student name] does not meet these expectations, he/she will receive a tally mark for the day on the tracking sheet. These tally marks will determine the rewards and consequences that [Student name] receives, as shown below.

Zero tallies in one day = A chance to roll the die after school for one of the rewards listed below
One tally in one day = Does not get a chance to roll the die that day
Two or more tallies in one day = Loss of recess the next day and/or other consequences as determined by Mrs. Lewis

(number rolled on a die)

1 = One table point for his table
2 = One raffle ticket for monthly class drawing
3 = One piece of candy
4 = Gets to be first in line for the next school day
5 = Gets to help teacher after school that afternoon
6 = Five marbles for the class marble jar

We agree to the terms of this behavior contract as set forth above.

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