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Back to School

Use the web to jump start your Back to School preparation!


Despite the stress and plain old hard work, there's something refreshing about going back to school. The school year spans before us, a clean slate ready to be filled with the best teaching we have to offer. We can say goodbye to last year's mistakes and fine tune our teaching skills as we continue on the path to becoming the educator we always wanted to be!

The way you start off the school year greatly influences the atmosphere and interactions for the remainder of the year. It is said that you either win or lose the students in the first few days!

Thankfully, we, as teachers in the new millenium, can turn to the Internet for helpful tools that offer ideas and suggestions for making our careers at least a little bit easier.

Come with me as I take you on a tour around the web to show you the very best stuff for making your back to school adventure a little more fun and efficient!

Lesson Plans - First, let's start with what every web-savvy teacher craves: free lesson plans! We don't have to venture very far for this first stop because I've scoured the web and linked you up to the very best lessons for K-6 students in a wide variety of subjects.

Bulletin Boards - Next, you've got to beautify your classroom in preparation for the arrival of your students. Liven up your decoration repertoire with fresh bulletin board ideas from a fellow teacher.

Classroom Management - You'll definitely need to have your Classroom Management situation under control, complete with a discipline philosophy that both you and your students can live with.

Ice Breakers - Jump start the interpersonal bonds in your classroom with fun and exciting Ice Breaker activities.

Checklists - Use a checklist to make sure you've got the basics covered.

Last Minute Questions - Ask last minute questions and get valuable advice from real teachers through an active Message Board.

New Teachers - If you're a new teacher, find solace in conversations with other teachers who are in the same boat.

As the countdown continues, savor the final moments of summer. Take a deep breath and go make a difference!

Stay tuned to About's Elementary Educators site throughout the year for the best education resources the web has to offer. This year, we're bringing you timely links, useful programs, lots of lesson plans, and much more.

Happy Teaching!

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