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Submitted by: Janice McNair, a teacher at Copeland Elementary School in Augusta Georgia.

Grade/Subject Area:

GR. 4-6 - Language Arts


  1. To work cooperatively in a small group.
  2. To write, read, revise, and rewrite a story


  • Groups of four students
  • Kitchen timer
  • Writing paper
  • Pencils (art supplies if they are to be illustrated.)

Lesson Plan:

  1. Group the students so that it is a multi-leveled skills group.(writing skills)
  2. The subject matter/topic maybe selected before the timing begins, or may be assigned by the teacher.
  3. Go over the rules of the exercise below:
      a. All students will participate in all parts of the exercise.
      b. Writing will be done in 3 minute timed segments.
      c. The paper will be passed at the sound of the buzzer.
      d. The next student reads what was written since he had the paper, and begins to write where the last one left off.
      e. The time limit for the writing exercise is 36 minutes (each student writes for three "3 minute" periods).
      f. At the end of the 36 minutes, the students are to check the paper together quietly for errors, correcting them, revising, rewriting.
      g. At the end of an hour (including the 36 minute writing time) the finished paper and the original will be turned in to the teacher.
      h. The stories will be shared. One person from each group will read.
      i. Assessment is made by the teacher.(This is based on the goals set by the teacher before the exercise begins, but may include participation, cooperating, level of revision, etc.)

Additional Activities:

  1. The stories may be illustrated by the group and displayed or made into a booklet.
  2. An overhead transparency can be made for a lesson on proofreading for the entire group.
  3. The stories can be shared with a younger grade level.
  4. The "Round Robin" plan is adaptable to Math word problems, science and journal writing.
  5. The topic for the writing may be selected by the teacher, Like how to "Bake a Cake."
  6. A week long writing session could be sustained if the goal is to create a book.
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