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Free Lesson Plans for Teachers!


It sounds like a teacher's dream come true. Free lesson plans! With the increasing development of the Internet, a wealth of high-quality, free lesson plans await any educator with a computer, modem, and a web browser.

But, teachers don't have a ton of time. So, how can you find the lesson plans, activities, and ideas you want efficiently? Simplify your search for lesson plans by starting with our collection of Lesson Plan links and following these easy tips:

  • You may want to start with some of the larger lesson plan banks first, such as AskERIC and Blue Web'n. But, be careful- some large corporate sites only offer lesson plans that require materials for purchase on their sites. That's not really free, now is it?

  • If you're just browsing without any particular topic in mind, follow each site's organization index or use the page's search engine to see what the site has to offer.

  • If you're looking for a very particular subject, try to find lesson plan sites that focus on what you need. You may want to browse our Subject collection, click on the desired curriculum area, and see if there are more specific sites for your topic.

  • When you find a lesson plan that you think you may like, be sure to read the whole thing through carefully. If that lesson does not fit your teaching style, student ability levels, available materials, or other criteria, you may decide to continue your search for something more suitable.

  • On the other hand, lesson plan banks are a great place to look around and get ideas. If a lesson may just need minor adjustments to fit your qualifications, feel free to use it as a guideline or for inspiration. Don't toss out an entire lesson plan if parts of it are usable. This will be a judgment call on your part.

Some lesson sites offer plans submitted by real teachers. If you find that you are using a particular site like this on a very regular basis, you may want to give something back to the site by submitting some of your own successful lesson plans. This is a great way to contribute to the growing collection of lessons available on the web.

Once you've found lesson plans that you want, you can either cut and paste them into a word processing document for later use or print them out on the spot. Congratulations! You just made the job of teaching a little bit easier. And, best of all, you're building on the successes of other educators, which ultimately helps to improve student learning!

For a simple, step-by-step guide to finding free lesson plans, visit our new How To section.

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