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Top 5 Top 5 CD's for the Elementary Classroom


School House Rock
The Best of Schoolhouse Rock
Children love to sing. And, if you do it correctly, you can sneak a good amount of learning in with the songs! Keep these discs by your CD player and you'll have a fun and effective review of basic skills at the click of a button.

1) The Best of Schoolhouse Rock

These little ditties really work! The kids will hardly notice that they are learning as they sing, but you certainly will! Schoolhouse Rock is a classic for a reason. This CD is a must-have for the elementary classroom.
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2) Patriotic Songs and Marches

Make sure your kids grow up knowing the classic patriotic songs of the U.S. Especially now, they will love singing these tunes and you'll love knowing that you are instilling patriotic values in their hearts.
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3) Patriotic Songs and Marches

Kids and parents alike have told me that this collection of songs has made the difference in memorizing the math facts. The whole Rock 'N Learn family of CDs and videos will help you put a little rock into your room and a lot of knowledge into your students' minds.

4) Free To Be ... You And Me

Marlo Thomas and friends provide this magical journey of fun, friendship, and values, through songs, skits, and humor. Your students will love it and so will you.
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5) Can Cockatoos Count By Twos?

A fun and educational romp for kids from approximately preschool to third grade. This disc teaches a wide variety of skills through song, such as math, the value of diversity, rhyming, colors, time, and seasons.
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