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Celebrate Halloween in the Classroom


Each year children look forward to finding the perfect costume to wear to their Halloween party at school. As school-aged students get ready to celebrate this exciting day, it is your job as the teacher to come up with a spook-tacular party with a variety of activities and treats for the students. Here you will find an assortment of activities and ideas to engage your students and present them with the best Halloween party ever!

Elementary Education Spotlight10

5 Ways to Show Students That You Care

5 ways to show elementary students that you care about them. Take these 5 teaching strategies and implement them into your teaching so that students will know how much you care.

How to Create a Happy Classroom

Here are 7 ways to create a happy classroom. From welcoming your students to school, to investing your time to get to know them better, these tips will make your students happy.

Classroom Party Planning Tips

10 Tips for throwing a classroom party that your students will never forget! Create an amazing, fun, and memorable party by using these top tips.

Back-to-School Headquarters

Back-to-School headquarters! September is back to school month, and many teachers are headed back to the classroom. If you're feeling unprepared, About.com has got you covered!

Elementary School Attendance Strategies

5 elementary school attendance strategies to improve school attendance and eliminate school truancy rates.

Substitute Folders

A substitute folder is an essential resource for all elementary teachers to have in their classroom. Learn the types of materials to add to your folder to ensure your classroom will run smoothly while you are absent.

10 Back-to-School Activities for Kids

Discover 10 back to school activities to help "break the ice" on the first day of school. Ideas include, classroom bingo, picture pairs, and many more.

How to Get Ready for the New School Year

Advice for teachers on how to get ready for the new school year. You will find tips on classroom routines and procedures, how to start a classroom website, how to welcome your students with a letter, and much more.

6 Ways to Welcome Students Back to School

Finding the perfect way to welcome students can be quite a challenge. Learn how to help students settle in back to school with a few fun ideas and activities.

Top 5 Ice Breakers for Back to School

Fun and easy ice breaker activities to ease the first week jitters. Ideas include, classroom bingo, picture pairs, summer souvenir, fits like a puzzle and applying for classroom jobs.

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