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Celebrate Halloween in the Classroom


Each year children look forward to finding the perfect costume to wear to their Halloween party at school. As school-aged students get ready to celebrate this exciting day, it is your job as the teacher to come up with a spook-tacular party with a variety of activities and treats for the students. Here you will find an assortment of activities and ideas to engage your students and present them with the best Halloween party ever!

Elementary Education Spotlight10

A Teacher's Guide to Field Trip Planning

Thinking of taking your students on a field trip? Use this teacher's guide to field trip planning to help you plan a successful trip.

Landing Your First Teaching Job

Looking to land your first teaching job? Although the job market is tough, there are jobs out there. Discover how you can stand out above the rest and get your dream job.

Ways for Learning Students' Names Quickly

Discover tips and tricks for learning students' names quickly and remembering them. These ideas will help you create a rapport with your students and establish a sense of community in the classroom.

3 Quick Pumpkin Patch Activities

Here you will find three pumpkin patch activities to do with your elementary students.

Kindergarten Teaching Resources

A collection of kindergarten resources that include: Readiness checklist, teacher-tested activities, first day of school agenda, supply list, and hands-on math station activities.

5 Successful Review Activities for Elementary Students

Learn five review activities that will turn your students gripes into grins. Ideas include: graffiti wall, sink or swim, 3-2-1 review, and much more.

5 Ways to Battle Bullying in School

Fight the bully battle by learning 5 ways to battle bullying in school.

Bullying Prevention Strategies

Bully prevention strategies and teacher tips for grades K-2.

200 Report Card Comments

200 report card comments to help you give parents an accurate picture of each students' progress. Comments include: general, language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Johnny Appleseed

Celebrate Johnny Appleseed in your classroom with a few fun activities and lesson ideas that go across the curriculum.

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