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Celebrate Halloween in the Classroom


Each year children look forward to finding the perfect costume to wear to their Halloween party at school. As school-aged students get ready to celebrate this exciting day, it is your job as the teacher to come up with a spook-tacular party with a variety of activities and treats for the students. Here you will find an assortment of activities and ideas to engage your students and present them with the best Halloween party ever!

Elementary Education Spotlight10

Using Blogs to IntegrateTechnoology in the Elementary Classroom

Using blogs to integrate technology in the elementary classroom. Learn the benefits, risks, and preparing them for success.

General Checklist Useful for Teachers

A collection of checklists that are useful for elementary school teachers. From back to school to end of the year, you will find a variety of checklist to keep you organized.

End-of-Year Checklist for Elementary Teachers

End-of-year checklist for elementary teachers. Use this checklist to stay organized and set yourself up for success for the fall.

How to Celebrate Elementary School Graduation

Learn how to celebrate elementary school graduation in your classroom. Ideas include, a school parade, recognizing student achievement with a photo book, and much more.

Transitioning to Summer: A Kids Summer Schedule

Learn a few tips on how to prepare your students to transition to a summer schedule. Along with a sample kids summer schedule.

Celebrate with Memorial Day Activities

Discover a variety of Memorial Day activities for your elementary school class. Ideas include poems, crafts, books, quizzes and much more.

Summer Reading List for Elementary Students

An extensive summer reading list for elementary school students. Includes independent reading books, as well as read aloud books.

5 Summer Resources to Keep Students Learning

5 summer resources to keep students learning all summer long. Tips on how to finish the school year off strong, and prevent summer brain drain.

May Themes, Holiday Activities, and Events for Elementary Students

Here you will find a list of May themes, holidays, and events with correlating activities for elementary students.

Top 5 Summer Activities to Recommend to Your Students

5 summer activities for students that will help them keep learning all summer long.

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