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Celebrate Halloween in the Classroom


Each year children look forward to finding the perfect costume to wear to their Halloween party at school. As school-aged students get ready to celebrate this exciting day, it is your job as the teacher to come up with a spook-tacular party with a variety of activities and treats for the students. Here you will find an assortment of activities and ideas to engage your students and present them with the best Halloween party ever!

Elementary Education Spotlight10

A Collection of Report Card Comments for Elementary Teachers

Here you will find a collection of report card comments and suggestions to help you speed up the report card process.

How to Take Over a Classroom Midyear

Essential tips to help teachers embrace taking over a teaching position midyear.

Elementary School Teacher Career Information

Detailed elementary school teacher career information, including: job description, work environment and duties, requirements and education, teacher salary and prospective career outlook.

Nutrition Lesson and Unit Activities

This nutrition lesson and unit is designed to last a week. The unit will explore key concepts and activities on the food groups, food pyramid (food plate), creating balanced meals and much more.

Childhood Obesity Awareness & Prevention

Educational resources to help students learn about National Childhood Obesity Awareness & Prevention month.

Setting a Purpose for Reading

Learn how to set a purpose for reading so your students will stay engaged and motivated throughout your lesson.

Before-During-After Reading Strategies

Before-During-After reading strategies to implement into your daily curriculum. These strategies help readers develop the skills necessary to be efficient readers.

Vocabulary Lesson Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to mix up your vocabulary lessons? Try these 5 fun and engaging vocabulary lesson ideas.

Halloween Party Ideas for Elementary Classrooms

Learn a variety of Halloween party ideas for your elementary school classroom. Your students will have a spook-tacular time with these party games, activities and treats.

Fun Fall Learning Activities

A collection of fun fall learning activities for your elementary school classroom. Resources include, September and October calendar with correlating activities, pumpkin patch activities, and much more.

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