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Reading Strategies

Use these reading strategies in your elementary school classroom to promote students' vocabulary and comprehensions skills.

10 Reading Strategies and Activities for Elementary Students
Here are 10 effective reading strategies and activities for your elementary school classroom. Ideas include how to boost reading motivation, using analytic phonics, 5 fun ideas for reluctant readers, book activities for grades 3-5 and much more.

Discover the benefits of a read-aloud, how to select book, tips to remember when reading, and recommended books by grade level.

Reading Strategies for Elementary Students
Discover how to incorporate reading strategies for elementary students to increase your students reading success. Learn reading strategies and prompts to teach your students.

Multisensory Teaching Method to Reading
Discover how you can help your students learn through several different modalities with the multisensory teaching approach to reading.

Six Traits of Writing
Learn how to develop your students writing skills by using the six traits of writing approach, as well as teaching activities for each component.

The Analytic Method of Teaching Phonics
Learn how to teach phonics using one of the most widely used programs in the United States. Discover the benefits and steps for instruction using the analytic phonics method in your elementary classroom.

5 Fun Ideas for Reluctant Readers
How do you appeal to a reluctant reader? Here are 5 fun ideas to help you encourage and motivate students to have a love for reading.

Bloom's Taxonomy - The Incredible Teaching Tool
Use Bloom's Taxonomy To Move Your Students Through The Learning Process.

Word Walls
Here you will learn how word walls can be used in an elementary school classroom. Discover practical tips, memorable hands-on activities and much more.

A Simple Guide to Word Families
Learn about word families, discover what they are, why they are important and examples for the most common words.

How to Create a Language Experience Approach Story
Discover what the language experience approach is, it's benefits and how to create a language experience story.

Develop Reading Fluency and Comprehension with Repeated Reading
Promote and develop reading fluency and comprehension with the repeated reading strategy. Learn the purpose, procedure and a few activities.

Scaffolding Instruction Strategies
Techniques for scaffolding instruction to support student learning in the classroom.

Essential Elements of Guided Reading
Discover the three essential elements of a guided reading program. Along with a suggested activity and how a traditional reading group compares to a dynamic guided reading group.

Fun Ways to Sneak Reading into Classroom Activities
Looking for ways to get your students to read without them realizing they are actually even learning? Here are 5 genius ways sneak reading into your classroom activities.

What Makes a Reluctant reader
What makes a reluctant reader, and how can teachers encourage students to find a love for reading? Learn how to do this as well as how to engage students in this in-depth article on reluctant readers.

Proven Strategies to Help Reluctant Readers
What makes a student a reluctant reader? This compiled list of resources will provide you with proven strategies and tips to get your reluctant reader, reading.

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