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How to Create a Language Experience Approach Story

A Practical Way to Teach Reading


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What is the Language Experience Approach?

According to McCorrmick 1998 the Language Experience Approach is a language based approach to reading that is based on activities that is developed from personal experiences.

What are the Benefits of This Approach?

The benefits of this approach to learning is:

  • It helps the students creativity in storytelling through writing.
  • It helps students understand that what they are thinking can be put into written words.
  • It shows the student that their thoughts and language are valued.
  • It gives students an awareness of the concepts of print.
  • It helps the students understand and grasp that when words and pictures are put together it communicates a meaning.

Targeted Reading Level K-3

How to Create a Language Experience Story

  1. Have the student tell you about an experience they have had, or have them tell you a story.
  2. Write down everything the student said to you .
  3. Read back what you wrote down to the student and make sure it is accurate.
  4. Let the student decide if there are any changes that need to be made to the story.
  5. Re-read the story together, and track as you read.

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