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How Classroom Apps Can Be Useful Tools in the Classroom

An Overlook of the Visually Enticing, Hands-On Apps for Students


How Classroom Apps Can Be Useful Tools in the Classroom
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Research has shown that using technology in the classroom can increase student learning and engagement. While using overhead projectors and tabletop computers can still facilitate student interest, they just may become a thing of the past. Apples' iPod, iPad and iPhone offer classroom apps that can meet all of your students instructional needs.

Here we will take a look at how these learning apps can increase students enthusiasm for learning and be beneficial to your students.

They are Designed to be Fun and Visually Appealing

Almost all of the apps can be considered fun and visually appealing. Apps such as Licking Letters, Word Bingo and Super Why are all equally fun to play and keep students actively engaged by their dynamite graphics. These apps are designed to keep children's interest, while providing educational material. With enticing graphics and hands-on animated fun, children tend to forget they are even learning.

Some Apps Support the Common Core State Standards Initiative


Apps, such as, Apptutor incorporate the Common Core State Standards into their program. Apptutor apps were designed to support the common core by using grade-specific standards. Once a child correctly completes all of the core skills within the app, and his/her grade level and subject, then they will receive a certificate of achievement.

"Apps on an iPad offer content which is rich in all the three senses used for learning; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. This allows any student to learn at their own pace and in their own style. Apps can make what could be boring content in a book- come to life." ~Jeff Lammers- Visionary founder of Apptutor


The Mathmateer app serves many of the k-6 Common Core State Standards. This app can be an effective teaching tool because it uses skill based learning. It is a high-interest game that offers 56 different math missions. Students can increase their test scores though skill mastery of each level.

Must Have iPad Apps for Teachers

They Appeal to All Learning Types

As we all know, each student is unique and learns in their own way. Like Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory states, every child has different learning style. Effective learning apps appeal to all learners; visual, auditory, tactile, musical,etc. Apps such as Learn With the Mighty Jungle:Animal HD and Telling Time, appeal to all learning styles from visual to kinesthetic.

Children Learn at Their Own Pace

The great thing about using apps to promote student learning, is that students can work at their own pace. This will eliminate a lot of the stress that some students have when they see their classmates advancing before them.

They Promote Family Involvement

Some apps, like AppTutor, not only incorporate the common core and is fun and visually appealing to students, but it also assists parents in the involvement of their child's education. Once students get a taste of how fun learning can be with an Apple device, they will want to share their enthusiasm at home. For the students that are privileged enough to have an Apple device, parents can learn the proper way to teach the standards and track their child's educational success within the app.

Apps are Interactive

The best educational apps are interactive. These hands-on apps are fun and encourage students to want to learn. Students can build and develop important skills that are necessary for their education all while they are being entertained. Providing students with interactive applications to assist in their learning can be a very effective teaching tool.

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