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Easter Learning Centers

Fun Ideas for Primary Grades



Create a basket full of eggs using plastic eggs.

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Learning centers are a fun and easy way to reinforce or teach information. It keeps the children actively engaged while promoting independence. It also gives teachers time to pull students for one-on-one activities. What's great about learning centers is that you can change them out weekly to target specific skills or adjust activities to follow the season.

Below you will find a collection of Easter-themed learning center activities that you can implement into your Easter-themed unit.

Grade Level: First, Second and Third

How to Set Up Classroom Learning Centers

Alphabet Activity

Basket Blends

Collect a variety of plastic eggs to hatch word practice skills. Use a permanent marker to write blends on the left hand side of the plastic egg and word-endings on the right half of the egg. (Example: bl on the left side and ock on the right side) Place the eggs in a grass-filled Easter basket. Have each student select an egg and rotate the left half to make a new word. As they rotate the egg they will pronounce each new word. For an extension of this activity have students write each blend on a piece of paper after they have read for additional practice.


Easter Bunny Bookmark

Create a cute and simple bookmark in minutes. Place craft sticks, googly eyes, bunny ears made from construction paper, glue, cotton balls, markers, glitter and any other supplies you want in the center. Students then personalize their bookmarks by using the supplies given. This bookmark makes a great keepsake or gift to correlate with an Easter book.


Hopping Homophones

Your students will be hopping about homophones once they play this learning center activity. All you need to get started is several blank bunny cut-outs. On each bunny's foot write a homophone. (Example: by, buy, to, two, one, won) Then on the bunny's body write a sentence that corresponds with the homophones that are on the feet. (Example: I need to _____ a toy.) Next, place the answer to the sentence on the bunny's ear. This way the student will be able fold down the bunny's ear to check their work. Place an Easter basket next to this activity filled with cotton balls or jellybeans for the students to place on the correct homophone.


Bunny Money

Encourage your students to go on a shopping spree with "Bunny Money". Make several small bunny cut-outs and glue real or fake money to each one. Each bunny will have a different coin combination on it. (Example: On the bunny's tummy glue two dimes, one nickel and one penny) Then provide cards that have pictures of items with their price on it for the students to pretend to purchase. Have students take turns matching the "Bunny Money" to the item that they want to buy.

Jellybean Jar

Place three different size jars of jellybeans in the center. Each jar will have a different number of jellybeans in it. The student's goal is to guess how many jellybeans is in each jar. At the bottom of each jar place the correct number for self-checking.


Scrambled Easter Eggs

Make spelling words fun with an Easter-themed learning center activity. On a small strip of paper write the weekly spelling words, but instead of writing them correctly, scramble the letters. Then place the scrambled word strips inside each plastic egg. The student's job is to open each egg and unscramble their spelling words then correctly write them on a separate sheet of paper. At the bottom of the basket provide an answer key for self-checking.

Easter-related Spelling Words

Skill Review

Basketful of Eggs

Create a basket full of eggs by filling plastic Easter eggs with a review activity. Each egg will be unique with a different skill to review. (Example: On your paper, write 6 homophones or on your paper, write all the words that rhyme with bat) Place lined paper and pencils in the center for each student to write their answers on.

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