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Classroom Job Ice Breaker Activity for Back to School

Get To Know Your Students While Having Your Classroom Run Smoothly


Try this ice breaker activity during the first week back to school to ensure your classroom is running smoothly throughout the school year.

Classroom Job Activity - Just like at home, there are chores that need to be done to keep things running smoothly and orderly in school. The classroom is your students second home, so there are chores that need to be done. Brainstorm a list of jobs that students think will help keep the classroom running efficiently. Ideas may include, pencil sharpener, chalkboard helper, homework police. Once the list is generated have the students apply for the job that they would like to have. Provide a space for references, experience, and other details they think will help them get the job. Have students apply for jobs every three months so the students that may not have gotten the job they applied for, can have the chance. This activity is a great way to learn about your students and get an idea of how ambitious and motivated they are.

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