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LAST Test Overview

FAQ About the NY State LAST Teacher Exam


What is the LAST Test?

The LAST (The Liberal Arts and Sciences Test) is a New York State exam that prospective teachers are required to take in order to receive state certification. The LAST measures the general knowledge that all teachers are required to have.

Who Administers the Test?

According to the NYSTCE website, the LAST test is administered by the National Evaluation Systems (NES) in conjunction with the New York State Education Department.

Is their a Registration Fee?

The test registration fee for the paper-based LAST test is $79, and the computer-based exam is $149. There is an additional $30 fee for late registration, $70 fee for emergency registration, and a $20 fee for a change in registration. Find out more information about payment policies.

When is the Test Given?

The LAST test is administrated six times each year between September and July. The deadline for registration is typically three to four weeks before the test date. Although, for an additional fee their is an emergency registration period. Typically students take the LAST test in their junior year so they will have time to re-take the test if needed. Find out more information about LAST test dates.

What Does the LAST Consist of?

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Test consists of roughly 80 multiple choice questions and one essay. You have four hours to complete the test. The exam is composed of five subject categories that each contain varied number of questions. The subjects are as follows:

  • Scientific,Mathematical and Technological Processes
  • Historical and Social Scientific Awareness
  • Artistic Expression and the Humanities
  • Communication and Research Skills
  • Written Analysis and Expression

Starting May 2014 the Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST) will be changed to the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST). This information will be updated as soon as new information arrives.

How is the Test Scored?

The test is scored by a "Pass" and "Did Not Pass." In order to determine this, your total score is based on the number of multiple-choice questions and response questions that were answered correctly. The results are scaled from 100-300 with 220 representing the minimum passing score. Your scores are not averaged together because there may be a different number of questions in each sub-section. Candidates that do not pass may retake the test as many times as needed in order to achieve a passing score.

When Will I Receive my Score?

You will receive your score approximately 30 days after you have taken the test. You can obtain your results online by logging onto the NYSTCE Web site and selecting "score reporting." If you registered for the test by mail, you'll receive your results by mail.

Where Can I Learn More Information?

The information that was provided here was obtained from the NYSTCE website. You can obtain a practice test for the LAST exam online for $29.95. You can also download a preparation guide via PDF, and an interactive computer-based tutorial if you choose to take the computer-based test.

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