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Survival Guide for New Teachers

Everything You Need to Know


Survival Guide for New Teachers

Expect to make mistakes, your only human.

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Congratulations on becoming a new teacher! This guide will help you navigate your way though the first year. You'll find tips on organizing and setting up your classroom, welcoming your students to school, classroom management strategies, and how to prepare a lesson. Plus: classroom learning strategies, how to assess students' work, keeping parents informed, integrating technology and dealing with the unexpected.

Classroom Set up and Organization

You finally have your own classroom! Now it's time to turn that empty room into an inviting unique learning space. Use these creative resources to help inspire you to set up an organized successful classroom.

Welcoming Your Students

A successful school starts with planning. Use these resources to help ease the first week jitters and help you get acquainted with your students.

Classroom Management Strategies

In order to inspire and encourage good behavior in your classroom, you must first design an effective classroom management system. Use these resources as a guide to help you implement a system of rules, rewards and consequences.

Lesson Planning

Prepare yourself for lesson planning with these helpful tips on writing daily lessons and thematic units.

Incorporating Classroom Strategies and Activities

Incorporate learning strategies into your lessons. These strategies and activities represent the most fundamental skills that effective teachers use on a daily basis to be successful.

Grading and Assessing Student Work

Are you feeling uneasy about grading students? Discover the fine points of grading students, creating rubrics and measuring students' progress with this collection of articles. These resources will help you gain the knowledge you need to help you get started.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Learn how to integrate technology across the curriculum by using the following resources to encourage the use of technology in the classroom. Here you will find resourceful apps, internet tips, computer skills, Smart-board information, and news about the newest technology in education.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Learn how to maintain parent/teacher communication throughout the school year with these valuable resources.

Dealing with the Unexpected

There are going to be times when you will be absent from school due to unforeseen circumstances. To ensure your classroom will run smoothly, plan ahead by creating substitute folders, emergency lesson plans and quick simple lessons (which are perfect for keeping your students engaged during transition times.) Here are some resources that can help you deal with these problems.

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