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5 Easy to Make Christmas Crafts

Deck the Halls with a Few Fun Crafts


A great way to celebrate the holiday season with your students is to provide them with a variety of Christmas activities and a few easy crafts.

Deck the halls (literally) with the following Christmas crafts.

  1. Sneaky Picture Ornament

    This Christmas craft idea is perfect to make for your classroom tree or as a gift for students to take home. Here is what you need and directions on how to make it.


    • Colorful construction paper
    • Art supplies
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Photo of each student
    • String
    • Lid of a can
    • Colorful duct tape

    First have students trace two circles on the paper of their choice, and cut them out. Next, have them cut a small piece of colorful duct tape and secure the top portion of the two circles together. Make sure to leave a little opening on the tape so the string can pass through and you are able to hang the ornament. Then, have students glue their photo to the inside circle. Finally have students decorate the top circle however they like with art supplies.

  2. Tree Glyphs

    Christmas tree glypths are a great way for students to use their critical thinking skills, all while creating a cute craft. This idea was adapted from our friends at TheMailbox.com.

    • Class supplies of paper Christmas trees approximately 9x12
    • Colorful construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Christmas stencils

    Give each student a tree cutout and access to the above materials. Then post the gylph instructions (that are below) on the front board or give each student their own copy. Have each student follow the instructions to decorate his/her own tree. Display the trees in the hallway for all to see!

    Glyph Instructions

    • If you are a boy, trace and cut out a blue star.
    • If you are a girl, trace and cut out a yellow star.
    • For each boy in your family, trace, cut out and label one green ornament.
    • For each girl in your family, trace, cut out and label one red ornament.
    • If you like math, draw a snowflake on your tree.
    • If you like reading, draw a gingerbread man on your tree.
    • If you like art class better than science, draw a reindeer on your tree.
    • If you like free time better than writing, draw an elf on your tree.

    Quick Tip - For a quick morning activity have students answer a new question about their tree gylph each day. (Example: How many students like art better than science?)

  3. Reindeer Puppets

    This is a cute spin on the traditional paper bag puppet. Instead of using a paper bag, you will be using a Popsicle stick. Read on for the materials and directions.


    You will need a class supply of the following:

    • Popsicle sticks
    • Red pom-poms
    • Brown construction paper
    • Googly eyes
    • Real twigs

    For this craft you must go on a nature hike around the school and have students gather twigs. If you live in an area where you can not find any twigs, then you can use pretzels for the antlers ( just make sure the kids don't eat them). Hand out patterns of a reindeer face to students and have them trace and cut them out. Then add facial features and attach the "antlers" and Popsicle sticks with glue.

    Quick Tip - A cute activity is to have students sing "Rudolph" while holding their puppets.

  4. Quick and Easy Snowflake Tree

    For this quick craft, the only supplies you need is white paper and scissors. Have students fold paper several times and cut the edges to make snowflakes. For an exquisite door decoration, cover the door with holiday paper and arrange the snowflakes into a Christmas tree.

  5. Christmas Tree Cone

    This is a perfect craft to choose when you only have a few minutes to spare. All you need for this quick craft is a toilet paper roll, green construction paper that has been cut diagonally so it looks like a triangle, scissors and a glue stick. Fold the paper into a cone and secure the edges with glue. Then place the cone shaped tree on top of the toilet paper roll. That's it, your students have their very own Christmas tree! They can decorate their tree as they wish and even add a star to the top.

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