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Celebrate the Holidays with Christmas Activities

A Collection of Fun Activities for Elementary Students


Tis the season for fun Christmas activities! Bring on the Christmas spirit, and celebrate the holiday season in your classroom. All of these ideas are designed to turn your students into happy little elves and turn you into the fabulous Mr. or Mrs. Clause!

Wanted: Santa's Helpers

Wanted: A hard working student that can help Santa and his elves prepare for Christmas! Here is a cute writing activity that will be sure to keep your little elves engaged and excited about the holiday season. Make a wanted poster and explain to students that Santa needs their help. Have each student apply to become Santa's little helper by writing a letter to him explaining how he/she is qualified to help. Brainstorm together as a class a list of their talents. ( Able to fix toys, a good gift wrapper, etc.) Once students have completed their letter allow them to share it with the class.

Tip: For an extension of this activity, have students draw a picture of them helping Santa.

Christmas Vocabulary Word List

Countdown to Christmas Vacation

Here's a twist on the traditional daily Christmas countdown. In addition to the traditional chain link countdown to Christmas day, have students create a classroom display counting down until Christmas break. Display a small fake or real Christmas tree in your classroom, and have students create and decorate paper ornaments to put on the tree. Provide a variety of ornament patterns for the students to trace and decorate. Number each ornament, and on the back program a different activity for the students to do each day until Christmas break. (Example, sing a Christmas song, write a letter to Santa, make a Christmas card, write a Christmas poem, have a Christmas party). Your students will love looking forward to each day of school until Christmas break.

Shopping for Santa (Math Activity)


  • Santa price list
  • Currency dice
  • Red, black and yellow construction paper
  • Cotton balls

This is a great money money math game that I saw on Krazy for Kindergarten. First you must create a Santa suit price list.( Example, 10 cents for his pants, 25 cents for a hat, etc.) You will also need a currency die which you can create yourself. All you have to do is glue the coins your students will be using to a big die. To play, have students take turns rolling the die to match the picture on the die with a picture from the price list. Once they determine which piece of Santa's suit they get, then they start to assemble it on their paper. The student to assemble the suit first wins!

Christmas Math Activity

Christmas Party Snacks

These Christmas party snacks will be sure to bring some holiday cheer into your classroom.

Christmas Candle

Ingredients and Materials:

  • Peeled Banana
  • Pineapple ring
  • Cherry
  • Paper plate
  • Fork

Have students place the pineapple ring onto the plate, then place half of their banana into the center of the ring. Next, top off the banana with the cherry.

Rudolph Sandwich


  • Bread
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Jelly
  • Peanut butter (only if you have a peanut free classroom)
  • Raisins or M&M's
  • Gum drop

Have students cut bread into a triangle then spread the jelly and peanut butter onto the bread. Next have them add the pretzels for antlers, raisins or M&M's for the eyes and the gum drop for the nose.

Donut Snowmen


  • Small powdered sugar donuts
  • Cut up baby carrot
  • Black frosting in a tube

To make these adorable donut snowmen, have students use black frosting to make the eyes and mouth. Then have them place a piece of the baby carrot inside the hole of the donut for the nose. If you have a lot of donuts, then each child can take three of them and use the other two as the body of the snowman. Use the black frosting as glue to attach them together.

Christmas Snack for Kids

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