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Christmas Tongue Twisters Lesson

Include a Definition of Alliteration and Tongue Twisters Are Educational and Fun


Everyone knows "She sells seashells on the sea shore." But tongue twisters are fun and educational any time of year.

Start your lesson with these Christmas Tongue Twisters. Remember to teach your students about the literary device called alliteration. Then let them loose to creative festive tongue twisters of their own.

Extend the lesson by asking your students to illustrate a tongue twister or two. Let them use a dictionary and/or thesaurus to kick their twisters up to the next level of complexity.

  • Crazy kids clamor for candy canes and Christmas cookies.
  • Toy trains travel and toot along the track.
  • Hal had happy holiday holly.
  • Prancer presents pumpkin pies and presents.
  • Chilly children cheer and chant.
  • Tiny Tim trims the tallest tree with tons of terrific tinsel.
  • Red-nosed Rudolph romps readily 'round ruby wreaths.
  • Blitzer bobbles a billion brilliant bells.
  • Santa's super sleigh slips so swiftly through the snow.
  • Ten tiny toy soldiers tinker with twenty toy trains.
  • Santa's stuffed sack sags and slumps.

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