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Educational Games - Free Online Educational Games for Learning

Educational games and tools that are so fun your students won't even know they're learning!

How to Adapt Bingo for Any Subject
You don't need expensive, formal Bingo boards to bring the power of a good Bingo game to any subject you please. Let me show you how's done. This is a great lesson plan to keep in your back pocket for when you have a short amount of time to fill, or when other plans fall through and you need a quick activity to do with your students.

Ice Breakers for Back to School... or Any Time
These quick Ice Breaker games are perfect for the first day of school, or any time of year.

Kids can brush up on their math and language skills by playing three different interactive games - math baseball, wacky tales and change maker. My students love it!

Wacky Tales Mad Libs
Children love making these funny stories and you'll love that they're learning the parts of speech!

World Of Reading
Not so much a game as an interactive site that will get kids reading. Children can write and submit book reviews and see them posted online.

Base 10 Blocks
Online virtual math manipulatives that help students truly understand place value and number sense.

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