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100th Day of School Unit Plan for Grades K-2

Cumulating Activites to Celebrate the 100th Day with Your Students


100th Day of School Unit Plan for Grades K-2
&copy Janelle Cox

Hooray It's the 100th Day of School!

The 100th day of school is celebrated across the country around mid-January or early February. Many elementary schools prepare for this day by involving their students in a variety of activities related to the 100th day, and partaking in a 100th day celebration. A fun way to get students excited about the 100th day is to plan a thematic unit around the special day.


  • Do 100 exercises
  • Collect 100 items
  • Count to 100 by 1's,2's, 5's, 10's
  • Sort 100 items
  • Toss a coin 100 times and graph the results
  • Prepare a snack with 100 items
  • Find items that cost $100
  • Brainstorm 100 words to read and spell (1st-2nd graders)


Start this unit a few days before the 100th day of school. Choose as many or as little of the activities below to do each day.


  1. 100 Exercises - Start each morning of the unit plan with 100 exercises. For example, 20 jumping jacks, 20 leg kicks, 20 jump ropes, 20 squats, and 20 toe-touches.



  2. Collect 100 Items


    Supporting Books:


    • 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler - Discuss how Jessica is worried about what 100 items she can bring into school.



    • The Night Before the 100th Day of School by Natasha Wing - Discuss how the character is desperate to come up with a collection of 100 items for school.

    Have students bring in 100 of their favorite items. Make sure you stress that the items must be small enough to fit into a medium sized baggy. Ideas include: 100 coins, 100 marbles, 100 erasers, 100 pencils, 100 feathers, 100 jelly beans etc.

    (For more ideas on 100 items to collect, read 100th Day of School Collections.)


  3. Counting and Sorting to 100 - Read the story, Counting our Way to the 100th Day by Betsy Franco. Discuss how the books celebrates everything 100. Count to 100 together by 1's, 2's, 5's, etc. Then have students count and sort their items in a variety of different ways. For example, sort them by color, shape, size. Count them in groups of 2, 5, 10, 20, etc.



  4. Toss a Coin - Group students into pairs of two and have them take turns flipping a coin 100 times. Let them graph the results of heads and tails on a piece of graph paper.



  5. $100 Items - Brainstorm items that cost $100. Divide students into groups, and have them look through catalogs and newspaper ads to find as many $100 items as they can. Then have them make a collage and present their displays to the class.



  6. 100 Words - Brainstorm 100 words to read and spell. This may be too hard for kindergartners, but first and second graders will have a blast doing it.

Culminating Activity

100th Day Celebration - To celebrate the 100th day have a party! Have each student bring in a 100 day snack. Request that students bring in 100 small food items in a plastic container or baggy. The best foods to request are goldfish crackers, raisins, M&M's, mini-pretzels, fruit-snacks, etc.

Supporting Books:


  • Happy 100th Day by Susan Milford - Discuss how Graham isn't impressed about the 100th day celebration.



  • Young Cam Jansen and The 100th Day of School Mystery by David A. Adler - Discuss how the characters in the story are excited about their 100th day party.


100th Day Bulletin Board - Create a bulletin board titled, "Look Who Reached 100!" Display each child's photograph on the board in the form of the number 100. (tip: it's best to cut out their photos in the shape of a circle so when you display them on the board they all look uniform.)

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