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Betty Davis - Guest Author


Betty Davis - Guest Author
Betty Davis (Author)

Betty Davis has a degree in sociology and a minor in psychology from Roosevelt University. Some of her training includes classes from Orton Gillingham and workshops by SDE. Betty Davis felt it was important to teach to each child’s learning style while having fun in the process. If something is fun they will want to keep doing it.


Betty Davis have been teaching children to read for over ten years through developing her own program, using art, and music media along with active games to teach the phonics concepts they are learning that day. It's all part of the Fun with Phonics Tutoring Program.

Betty Has taught thousands of children in her ten years using the multi-sensory approach and active games to teach the phonics skills necessary to be a skilled reader. Betty Davis believes that every child can read no matter what their disability. Betty has taught children with A.D.D., speech issues, Dyslexia, and vision problems. Children who have completed the program are reading two years above the grade level. Children with disabilities are confident and have increased their reading, phonetic, and comprehension skills and are able to succeed in school.

To further inspire boys and girls 8 and up, she wrote her newest book "The Worldly Adventures of Nicholaas." Finding a book that is both captivating and teaches about the world is what makes this book so special.


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