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Classroom Learning Activities to Compliment Your Lessons

A Collection of Reading, Writing, Spelling and Vocabulary Activities


Effective classroom teachers understand the importance of providing their students with a variety of classroom learning activities. These teachers also understand that the more student participation their is in your classroom, the fewer problems you will have with behavior management.

Below you will find a collection of learning activities and strategies to supplement and/or compliment your daily lessons.

Reading Activities

Guess the Covered Word - Use a scrap piece of paper to cover a word in a sentence. Generate a list of possible words that it can be. Reveal the first letter of the word. Eliminate words that don't begin with that letter and then add new words if you can. Finally uncover the word and check to see if you were right.

Create a Greeting Card - Create a greeting card for a character from your favorite story. In the card, tell why he/she is your favorite and draw a picture of the character.

Character Report Card - Choose your favorite character from a story and make a report card on that character. Grade the character on his/her sense of humor, being on time, attitude and ability to follow the rules.

Writing Activities

Story Flip - Cut out 10-20 pictures from a magazine. Sort the cards into five piles. Then choose one picture from each pile and make up a story that is based upon the pictures you selected.

Rebus Writing - As you write your story, choose one word in each sentence to draw instead of actually printing the word. For example, a halo can be used as a symbol for the word angel.

Wanted Poster - Create a wanted poster for one of the characters in the story. Write a detailed description of why they are wanted and what they look like.

Spelling Activities

Use a Variety of Materials - Use different materials to spell your spelling words. For example, paint, magnetic letters, clay, Wikki Sticks, M & M's, blocks, shaving cream, etc.

Create a Spelling Volcano - Draw boxes in the shape of a volcano. Draw five boxes on the bottom, then four above that, three above that, and then finally two on the top. Write a two letter word (one letter in each box) on the top row. Then continue to work your way down the volcano, adding a new letter as you go.

Partner Add a Letter - With a partner, take turns writing the letters of the spelling words. The first person writes the first letter of the word. Then the second person says the first letter and then writes the second letter. The first person says the first and second letter of the word then writes the third letter, and so on.

Vocabulary Activities

Go Fish Vocabulary - Write vocabulary words on index cards. Make sure each word is written twice. Then play like you would the regular game of Go Fish. Once you get a match, you must say the definition of the word.

Word Collage - Choose a topic, then find related words to the topic in magazines and newspapers. Cut out the words and glue them onto paper to create new phrases of the topic.

Word Walls - Look at the word wall and snap, clap, or shout out each word. Then using the words on the wall, write down a word that rhymes with each word. Lastly, choose a word from the wall and write that word repeatedly around a specific shape such as a square, circle, or triangle.

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