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100th Day of School

Lessons and Activities for Celebrating the 100th Day of School


All year you've marked off the days on your classroom calendar and now you've reached 100! Use the following activities to create a fun hour of math activities and journal writing for your students - all centered around the number 100!

Tell your students the following, or include the instructions on a worksheet:
Congratulations! You’ve made it through 100 days in the 3rd grade! Your job is to accomplish as many of these activities as you can, working with a partner. Your teacher will tell you who your partner is. As you complete the tasks, check them off. Have fun celebrating the number 100!

Write down all of the different ways you can make 100. Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Roman numerals, fractions, decimals, whatever you can think of! Use extra paper if you need to. How many ways did you come up with? _______________

A googol is a number with a 1 in front and a hundred zeroes after it. In the space below, write a googol. But first, estimate how long you think it will take you. ___________________ How long did it actually take? ____________________

Flip a coin 100 times. Use tally marks to keep track of how many times you got “heads” and how many times you got “tails.” What percentage of the time did you get heads? ________ What about tails? ________

Add up the numbers from 1 to 100. Use the back of this paper. But first, estimate how much you think the answer will be: ________ What is the actual answer? ________________

Draw and label a polygon with a perimeter of 100 centimeters. A polygon is any shape with 4 or more sides. The perimeter is the distance around the outside of the shape. Don’t forget to label it!

Write your name 100 millimeters tall. Use another piece of paper.

See if you can count to 100 in 100 seconds. Have your partner watch the seconds hand on the clock to time you. Could you do it? ________ What about your partner? ________

Use separate paper for the following challenges:

Write 100 fractions.

Write 100 different numbers that are less than 100.

Write 100 different numbers that are more than 100.

Draw 100 different geometric shapes. Label as many as you can.

Journal Writing Prompts:

  • If I had 100 wishes, I would...
  • If I had 100 friends, I would...
  • If I had 100 legs, I would...
  • If I had 100 days to do whatever I wanted, I would...
  • If I had $100, I would...
  • The best things about the number 100 are...
  • What 100 means to me...

Good job! What other challenging ways can you celebrate the number 100? Have fun with it! Isn’t 100 great?

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