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Creating New Year's Resolutions for Your Classroom

7 Classroom Resolutions and Goals for the New Year


Creating New Year's Resolutions for Your Classroom

Start Your New Year Off Right

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The new year is here! It is time to reflect on the previous year and prepare for a fresh start by setting new goals. As you prepare your New Year's Resolutions for your classroom, bear in mind that it's important to set realistic goals that you can achieve. Reflect back to the past year and see what worked in your classroom and what didn't. If you made unachievable goals last year, make sure you don't make the same mistake this time around.

Classroom Resolutions You Can Maintain

  1. Keep Up With the Latest in Technology Although you may find it difficult to keep up with the latest must-have tech tools in education it's important to try. Research has shown that technology in the classroom increases student learning and tends to keep students engaged longer. Set a goal for yourself to research at least one new technology website a week.

  2. Increase Student Participation This one is not as hard as you think. What made you motivated to participate in class when you were young? Was it visual aids, partner activities or your teacher's enthusiasm? Vow to try something new each week to get your students involved in classroom activities. You can get some ideas in the two articles below.

  3. Maintain a Well-organized Classroom Create the ultimate organized classroom and allow yourself to be stress free this year. Getting organized and staying organized means you will have a classroom that will basically, run itself. Have your students pitch in and take responsibility for their own belongings. Delegate jobs to each student to help maintain an organized classroom. The new year is the perfect time to become the organized teacher you have always wanted to be.

  4. Allow Time for Students to Be Creative World innovator, Sir Ken Robinson spoke about how important creativity is in education. His belief is that we need to create an education system where our students are allowed to be creative, and that creativity is just as important as literacy. This year set a goal that you will incorporate areas in your lessons that make room for students to be creative. Create activities that allow students to think outside of the box.

  5. Play Games Just like you need to let off a little steam, so do your students. All work and no play equals no fun. Vow to make time to play games and the students will not only think your the best teacher ever, but they will respect you a little more too.

  6. Get to Know Your Students Better You have been with your students for about four months now, how well do you think you really know them? You started the beginning of the year with classroom icebreakers, and you have their names down pat. Now, it's time to really learn about them on a deeper level. Set a goal of talking to two students a day about something other than school. Try and incorporate activities once a month that focus on the students interests. You will find that the more you know your students on a personal level, the easy it will be to plan lessons and activities.

  7. Celebrate Good Behavior Another great goal to set is to promote good behavior throughout the school day. When you see a student helping out, pitching in or just behaving appropriately, then take the time to praise them for it. Rewarding and praising good behavior is a good way to motivate students.

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