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Rainbow Writing Lesson Plan

A Fun and Colorful Kindergarten Handwriting Activity


Kindergarteners have a lot of new skills to learn and practice. Writing the alphabet and spelling words are two top tasks that require creativity and repetition in order to master. That's where Rainbow Writing comes in. It's a fun, easy, low-prep activity that can be done in class or assigned as homework.

Here's how to assign Rainbow Writing to your kindergarten (or even slightly older) students:

  1. Choose 10-15 high-frequency sight words that are already familiar to your students.
  2. Make a handout on simple handwriting paper. Write each of your chosen words on the paper, one word per line. Write the letters as neatly and largely as possible. Make copies of this handout.
  3. Alternatively, for older students who can already write and copy words: Write the list on your whiteboard and have the students write the words down (one per line) onto handwriting paper.
  4. To complete the Rainbow Words assignment, each student needs a piece of writing paper and 3-5 crayons (each of a different color). The student then writes over the original word in each of the crayon colors. It's similar to tracing, but adds a colorful visual twist.
  5. For assessment, look for your students to mimic the original neat handwriting as closely as possible.

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