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Language Arts Lessons

Collection of easy and effective Language Arts lesson plans to meet reading, writing, listening, and spelling standards in your classroom.
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Teacher Time Savers
Do you have five minutes to spare? Discover several 5 minute activities that can be done in between lessons, before lunch or anytime you have an extra moment to spare.

10 Ways to Use Newspapers in the Classroom
Want to get students interested in current events? Try these tips and fun activities for using newspapers in the classroom.

Impromptu Speech Topic Activities
Discover a variety of impromptu speech topic activities for your elementary students. Use these activities to practice impromptu speaking.

Graphic Organizers
Learn how to help your students classify and process information by using a graphic organizer. Discover what they are, how to use them and which format is the best to use.

Visual Telephone Game
This lesson is similar to the classic game "Telephone" where players sit in a circle and whisper a sentence to each other to see how it changes and mutates through each individual's perception. However, this lesson is called the Visual "Telephone" Game because it is done on paper, rather than orally.

The Unwritten Word Lesson Plan
The "Unwritten Word" lesson plan asks students to creatively describe an emotion without ever using the emotion's label.

Foreign Language Word of the Day
This quick daily activity teaches your students a foreign word of the day as a fun language activity.

Kindergarten Sight Word List
A list of kindergarten sight words. Also known as Dolch word lists and high frequency words.

Dolch Sight Words
Definition of the education glossary term Dolch Sight Words.

Complete List of 220 Dolch Sight Words
A complete list of 220 Dolch sight words for young readers.

Using Sound Effects In Student Stories
What does good student writing sound like? The simple use of common sound effects can really help student writing take off with a bang!

Describing A Picture Lesson Plan
How to use a picture, including works of art, to facilitate creative student thinking and writing.

Pen Pals in the Classroom
A well-run Pen Pal Program can be a fun and effective part of your Elementary Language Arts program. Not only can you teach writing through Pen Pals, but also reading, Social Studies, and Geography. Here's how to do it...

Impromptu Speech Topics - Oral Presentation Ideas for Speeches
Use these topics to quickly assign a prompt to each student. Give them a short amount of time to write a speech before they present. Or, have them get up in front of the class right away and improvise. This makes a great Language Arts/Oral Language lesson plan.

Teaching Reading Comprehension with Reader's Workshop
Commentary on the concepts explored in the books Mosaic of Thought and Strategies at Work.

KWL Chart
KWL Chart

Rainbow Writing Lesson Plan

Celebrate National Poetry Month with Poetry Lessons
This April celebrate National Poetry Month with this collection of poetry lessons. Here you will discover a variety of acrostic poetry, biography, I remember, and someday poems.

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