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Biography Poems Lesson Plan

Telling Each Student's Biography In A Poetic Manner


Sample Biography Poem

Biography Poems are a fun and easy way to ease your elementary students into poetry. This activity is especially great for the first few days of school.

Here is the format of a Biography Poem:

Biography Poem

Line 1 - First name only
Line 2 - Four adjectives that describe yourself
Line 3 - Brother/Sister or Son/Daughter of…
Line 4 - Lover of… (3 people, places, or things)
Line 5 - Who feels (3 things)
Line 6 - Who needs (3 things)
Line 7 - Who gives (3 things)
Line 8 - Who fears (3 things)
Line 9 - Who would like to (3 things)
Line 10 - Resident of (your city and state)
Line 11 - Last name only

Sample Biography Poem

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