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Sample Biography Poem

Your Students Can Tell Their Stories in a Concise and Playful Way


During the Biography Poems lesson plan it's helpful to show your students an example of your own Biography poem. For guidance, here is my own example:

Kind, funny, hard-working, loving
Sister of Amy
Lover of Computers, Friends, and Harry Potter books
Who feels excited on the first day of school, sad when she watches the news, and happy to open a new book
Who needs people, books, and computers
Who gives help to students, smiles to her husband, and letters to family and friends
Who fears war, hunger, and bad days
Who would like to visit the pyramids in Egypt, teach the world’s greatest third graders, and read on the beach in Hawaii
Resident of California

Have fun with your students and their Bio Poems! Once they are written, your students can illustrate the poem and then you have a quick and easy Bulletin Board display that tells visitors to your classroom all about your kids!

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