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Lesson Plan Step #7 - Required Materials and Equipment


Definition: Required Materials and Equipment is the seventh section of an effective [link urlhttp://k6educators.about.com/od/lessonplanheadquarters/tp/8_steps_lp.htm]8-step lesson plan, after Objective, Anticipatory Set, Direct Instruction, Guided Practice, Closure, and Independent Practice.

In the Required Materials section, consider:

  • What items and supplies will be needed by both the instructor and the students in order to accomplish the stated learning objectives?
  • What equipment will I need in order to utilize as many learning modalities as possible? (visual, audio, tactile, kinesthetic, etc.)
  • How can I use materials creatively? What can I borrow from other teachers?

Keep in mind that modeling and the use of hands-on materials are especially effective in demonstrating concepts and skills to students. Look for ways to make the learning goals concrete, tangible, and relevant to students.

The Required Materials section will not be presented to students directly, but rather is written for the teacher's own reference and as a checklist before starting the lesson.

  • The book Life in the Rainforest: Plants, Animals, and People by Melvin Berger.
  • Venn Diagram blackline master, copied for each student.
  • A plant
  • An animal
  • Paper
  • Crayons

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