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Math Lessons, Activities, and Ideas

Math Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas
  1. PowerPoint Math Lessons

K-6 Math Lessons
Math lessons for K-6 educators.

Telling Time with The Grouchy Ladybug
Looking for a easy math lesson for your primary students? Learn how to teach time with the Grouchy Ladybug book.

Kindergarten Math Stations
Here you will discover a collection of activities for kindergarten math stations. Each station correlates with a math skill that students must learn while in kindergarten.

Trail Mix Math Lesson Plan
The Trail Mix Math Lesson Plan shows you how to teach your students how to count, classify, and graph numbers using trail mix.

Using Chocolate Bars for Teaching Fractions
How to use Hershey's chocolate bars to drive home the important concept of fractions.

Averages and Medians Worksheet
A quick and easy worksheet that helps students practice their skills at figuring out the averages and medians of a given set of numbers.

Story Books to Teach Math Concepts
Math doesn't have to be boring and dry! With these literary story books, students will be further down the path towards true comprehension of various math concepts.

Data Collection Lesson Plan
Here is an elementary math lesson on data collection for grade 2-4. In this lesson the learner will explore various methods of data collection and how to find the median when analyzing this data.

Halloween Fractions Lesson Plan
Students spice up their math skills with this Halloween-inspired lesson plan!

A+ Math
These simple online flashcards really do the trick to help students learn their math facts.

Brain Teasers
Keep their growing minds in tip-top shape with these mind-bending puzzles.

Quick Minute Math Activities
Discover a collection of minute math activities for grades 1-3 that were developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project.

Calendar Math Study in Primary Grades
Looking to incorporate a calendar math study in your primary grade classroom (K-2)? This article will give you the tips you need to do so.

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