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Thanksgiving Journal Writing Topics and Prompts

Bringing Gratitude To Your Language Arts Program In November


Journal writing, at least three times per week, is an important part of any Language Arts program in elementary school.

These Thanksgiving writing topics will inspire your students to write about the festive and seasonal ideas that are on our minds every November.

Thanksgiving Journal Writing Topics

  • What does it mean to be thankful?
  • Why do you think brown and orange are the Thanksgiving colors?
  • What are you and your family most grateful? Write about three or more things.
  • Describe what you know about the first Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Take five minutes to draw a feast on the Thanksgiving table. Then write in detail about what's to eat. Use your five senses to describe the meal's tastes, looks, smells, and textures.
  • Tell about your family's Thanksgiving traditions. How does each person contribute?
  • If Thanksgiving is one of your favorite holidays, describe why you enjoy it so much. Are there any parts of the holiday that you don't like?
  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving book? Describe the plot and your reactions to it.
  • Would a turkey make a good pet? Back up your opinion with facts and detail.
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