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Parent Communication Strategies and Ideas

By communicating effectively with parents, you are forming a cooperative team that has the students' best interests at heart. Extend your lessons beyond the classroom with effective school-home communication.

Parent-Teacher Communication
Parent-teacher communication is an essential part of teaching. Here are some helpful strategies for elementary school teachers.

Back to School Night Activities
Looking for Back to School Night Ideas? Here is a sample agenda for Back to School Night that will help you design your activities for the evening.

Top-of-the-Line Open House Ideas for Teachers
Tips and suggestions to have a successful open house.

7 Signs of Possible Trouble at Home
As teachers, we aren't only in charge of our students' learning. We also need to be aware of signs of possible trouble at home so that we can help our students be happy and healthy both inside and outside of the classroom.

Do's and Don'ts for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences
What to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do during Parent Teacher Conferences.

Prepare for Parent Teacher Conferences
When it comes to Parent Teacher Conferences, 75% of the work happens before the parents even walk through your classroom door. Here's how to set yourself up for success.

Taking the Work Out of Weekly Newsletters
By writing a weekly newsletter with your students, you offer a high quality Guided Writing lesson while saving yourself the time and hassle of putting together a newsletter each week. Here's how to do it and why!

Behavior Contracts for Challenging Students
Read about a structured way to straighten out behavior problems with particular students. Build a cohesive team between parents, teacher, and student and set off on a path to improvement and success!

Sample Behavior Contract for Student Discipline
Use this sample behavior contract to help your most challenging students come back into line with your discipline plan.

Back to School Night Bonding Tip
Use this quick, easy strategy to facilitate positive feelings between your new students and their parents on Back to School Night.

Affordable Gifts to Give Parent Volenteers
Here you will find free and affordable gifts to give parent volunteers. Choose from a variety of ideas.

10 Reasons to Have a Classroom Website
Are you thinking of creating a classroom website? Here are ten reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon and create one today.

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