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Science Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas

Science Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas

Space Activities
Launch students into outer space with over 50 space activities, links, and resources that are out of this world.

Teaching the Scientific Method
In the Scientific Method, students learn how to address a problem, observe situations, take notes, synthesize the results, and come to a logical conclusion based on objective results.

Blank Scientific Method Worksheet
Using this Scientific Method worksheet, students learn how to address a problem methodically. The Scientific Method worksheet is easy and effective for almost any science lesson plan.

Eric Carle Lesson Plan for The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Teach your students science using this lesson plan for the Eric Carle book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

Astronomy Science Lesson Plan
Your students will love learning about the planets when the information comes bundled up in colorful and engaging children's literature.

Teaching the Scientific Method with Bubbles
This lesson allows students the opportunity to learn the steps of the scientific method and to practice graphing the results.

Investigating Sleep Lesson
An elementary school sleep lesson for grades K-2. In this lesson the learner will describe habits of rest and sleep that help people stay healthy, as well as compare the amounts of rest and sleep that a variety of people get.

Kids Planet
You will absolutely love the Animal Fact Sheets (under "Get the Facts") and the Coloring Pages. Great for teaching about animals!

The Electronic Zoo
A virtual zoo that students will love to explore.

Children can learn about the universe through this fun site.

TerraWeb for Kids
For kids to explore satellite images of the Earth from space. Also features activities to make your own 3D glasses and design your own 3D landscape.

Kids Do Ecology
Activities for "young scientists" from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis.

Circulatory System Thematic Lesson Plan
A seven day circulatory system thematic unit plan for fourth grade elementary students.

Budget Friendly Classroom Treats
Looking for a budget friendly, healthy classroom treat idea? Here are a few conscious calorie snack options that will blow the taste buds off your students mouth!

Top 5 Nutrition Lesson Plans
Teach students about healthy living with these 5 lesson plans for elementary students. Students will learn about nutrition, sleep, and overall health by partaking in a variety of fun, hands-on activities.

Hands-on Science Activites
Hands-on science activities for students in grades 1-5. Here you will learn 5 hands-on experiments that explore floating and sinking.

Simple Science Experiments
Discover 3 simple science experiments for grades 1-5. These hands-on science experiments will have students exploring density and buoyancy.

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