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Tips for Teaching the Scientific Method

Definitions and a Worksheet


Blank Scientific Method Worksheet

Teaching the Scientific Method is a fundamental way for students to practice thinking critically. By performing science experiments and analyzing the resultant data, you are helping to build the next generation of creative thinkers.

Through the six steps of the Scientific Method, students learn how to define a problem, observe situations, take notes, synthesize the results, and come to a logical conclusion based on objective results.

Use your Science textbook, Google, or your own observations of nature and your school surroundings to come up with ideas for science experiments that will interest your students at an age-appropriate level.

Spend some time doing Direct Instruction to explain and model the six different parts of The Scientific Method. It may take some practice and exposure for your students to get used to the vocabulary of Science and how each of the parts of the Method work in practice.

Remember that writing about Science also meets Language Arts standards. Additionally, the Scientific Process will make your students more robust and analytical thinkers in all subjects.

Follow on to the second page of this article for a Scientific Method worksheet that you can print out and use right away.

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