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Substitute Teaching Tips

Being a substitute teacher is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. How to be the best you can be every day, no matter what school you're at or how the students are behaving.

Substitute Folders
A substitute folder is an important resource for all elementary teachers to have in their classroom. Learn the types of materials to put them to ensure your classroom will run smoothly while you are gone.

How to Be Ready for an Unexpected Sick Day
Are you ready for an unexpected sick day? Here you will find a collection of ideas and tips from experienced teachers that will help your classroom run smoothly while your away from school.

Be A Happy And Successful Substitute Teacher
How to have a pleasant, productive day as a substitute teacher and be asked to return.

Emergency Lesson Plan Ideas
Learn how to create emergency lesson plans for elementary students. Here you will find tips and ideas to help plan for those unplanned absences.

How Teachers Can Deal with the Unexpected
Here you will discover 7 ways to help teachers deal with the unexpected. There will time when unforeseen circumstances arise and you will need a substitute teacher. Here you will find ways to help you.

How to Host a Substitute Teacher
Use these tips to facilitate a happy, productive day for any substitute teacher you host in your classroom.

Ice Breakers for Getting to Know Your Students
Get to know your new students quickly through these Ice Breaker activities perfect for elementary school students.

Teaching Job Headquarters
Use these comprehensive resources to find a teaching job as quickly as possible.

How to Substitute Teach
A quick and effective guide to how to have a pleasant, productive day and be asked to return.

How to Find a Teaching Job
Your time as a substitute is key in your path to finding a permanent teaching position.

Lesson Plan Headquarters - To Stash In Your Emergency Subbing Folder
Unfortunately, not every teacher is meticulous about leaving detailed and functional lesson plans for their substitute teachers. In the imperfect world of subbing, you need your own collection of lesson plans at your fingertips in order to stay one step ahead of the unpredictable game.

How To Host A Substitute Teacher
It takes solid organization and planning to minimize the disruption that a teacher's absence inevitably causes. Use these tips to facilitate a happy, productive day for any substitute teacher you host in your classroom.

Prepare Substitute Teacher - How Do You Prepare for a Substitute Teacher?
How do you prepare for a substitute teacher in your elementary school classroom?

A Checklist to Help You Prepare to Host a Substitute Teacher
Use this handy substitute preparation checklist to help you give an incoming sub everything he or she needs in order to have a successful day taking over the reins in your classroom.

Substitute Teacher Resources
Here you will find substitute teacher resources to help you feel confident and ready to take over any classroom.

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