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Upper Grade Lesson Plans - Free Lesson Plans for Grades 4, 5, 6

Do you teach fourth, fifth, or sixth grade? If so, you need lesson plans that are a little more sophisticated in order to prepare your students for the work they will encounter in middle school. Check this collection of free lesson plans for the upper grades for all you'll need.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Lesson Plan
Use the book Harold and the Purple Crayon to teach your elementary students a creative language arts lesson plan.

Visual Telephone Game
This lesson is similar to the classic game "Telephone" where players sit in a circle and whisper a sentence to each other to see how it changes and mutates through each individual's perception. However, this lesson is called the Visual "Telephone" Game because it is done on paper, rather than orally.

Impromptu Speech Topics - Oral Presentation Ideas for Speeches
Use these topics to quickly assign a prompt to each student. Give them a short amount of time to write a speech before they present. Or, have them get up in front of the class right away and improvise. This makes a great Language Arts/Oral Language lesson plan.

The Unwritten Word Lesson Plan
The "Unwritten Word" lesson plan asks students to creatively describe an emotion without ever using the emotion's label.

Pen Pals in the Classroom
A well-run Pen Pal Program can be a fun and effective part of your Elementary Language Arts program. Not only can you teach writing through Pen Pals, but also reading, Social Studies, and Geography. Here's how to do it...

Tongue Twisters and Alliteration Lesson Plan
Everyone loves tongue twisters, and no one more than children! You'll have their attention and enthusiasm right away when help them to see how alliteration can add power and punch to their writing.

Trail Mix Math Lesson Plan - Math Lesson Plan for Primary Grades
Deceivingly simple, this math lesson plan for the primary grades (K-3) will create interest and inspire learning in your young students who need to learn about graphing, fractions, percentages, and more. Get creative!

Describing A Picture - Writing Lesson Plan For Primary Grades
Teacher-proven and adaptable to any grade level, this simple lesson idea is quick and easy to implement with minimal planning and great results.

Daily Nutrition Log Health Lesson Plan for Upper Elementary Grades
This Daily Nutrition Log (PDF format) is a strong and important Health Lesson Plan for the upper elementary grades (4, 5, 6). Use the log as a starting point to talk to your students about nutrition, portions, calories, and more. With a little creativity, you could weave in some math skills, too.

Balanced Diets and Digestion Lesson Plan
Nutrition lesson on creating a balanced diet and digestion.

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