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6 Ways to Welcome Student Back to School


 It’s important to welcome students and make them feel comfortable as soon as they step foot into the classroom. School is a place where students spend the majority of their day so it should feel like their second home. Here are the top 6 ways to welcome students back to school after a long summer break.

Back to School Resources
Elementary Education Spotlight10

Best Back-to-School Apps

Discover the best back-to-school apps for elementary educators that technology has to offer.

Introducing Your Class Rules

Learn specific ways on how to introduce class rules to your elementary students. Ideas include, plan what you want to accomplish, create only 3-5 rules and teach rules like you would a math lesson.

5 Back to School Games

5 back to school games to help you break the ice during the first few weeks of school. Ideas include, beach ball math, hula-hoop chain, and much more.

10 Popular Back-to-School Resources for Teachers

Browse our top 10 Back-to-School resources to learn how to welcome back to students, write a welcome letter, break the ice, and much more.

Classroom Procedures and Routines

Learn which procedures and routines are the key to a well managed, organized classroom.

How New Teachers Can Prepare for the First Day of School

Learn how new teachers can prepare for the first day of school with these essential tips and strategies.

Typical K-3 School Supply List

A typical K-3 supply list for back-to-school. Here you will find specific items that students will use for the grades K-3.

Typical 4-6 School Supply List

A typical 4-6 grade supply list for back-to-school. Here you will find specific items that students will use for the grades 4-6.

Effective Learning Strategies for the Classroom

Improve students learning with these 7 effective learning strategies. Each strategy is meant to help students learn faster and easier.

Tips and Tricks to Getting Students' Attention

Discover 20 attention signals to get (and keep) your students attention. Plus: tips to help you keep your students' attention.

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