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A Fresh Start for Your Class in January - Make Changes After Winter Break

Be A Reflective Teacher: After Vacation Is The Perfect Time to Make Some Tweaks


Is there anything that's been bugging you in your classroom this year?

Something you'd love to change, but perhaps you've felt it was too complicated or too far entrenched in your classroom system to be fixed? Consider behavior, procedures, planning. Think about it now or over the vacation.

Nobody's Perfect - Reflect Honestly And Regain Control

I'm sure we all have areas where our year has somehow gone awry from our original or best-laid plans. Maybe it's some bad behavior habits that you've let slide for too long. Perhaps it's a less-than-stellar relationship with a teammate or administrator. Perhaps you just don't like how your math instruction or class job system is going.

It could be anything. But whatever you want to change, January is the time to do it!

Think, Talk, Plan

As much as it might hurt, take some time over your winter vacation to pinpoint (be specific!) what could stand some improvement in your classroom. Consult your colleagues or administrators if you'd like outside feedback and suggestions.

Don't pick too many goals or you might become frustrated and ineffective. Try 1-2 specific ideal visions you would like to create when you return to school in January.

If you find yourself in a similarly desperate situation, follow these suggestions for making the best of the remaining school year starting in January.

Next Steps For Progress

Now that you've decided that things need to change, sketch out (in your mind or on paper) how you can make your ideal classroom a reality. Will you need to talk to your class about what you have in mind? Or, can it happen "behind the scenes" and without their explicit cooperation?

Take one last moment to think outside the classroom. Is there a professional aspect of your job that could use some New Year's attention? Relationships, professional growth, and personal organization are just a few of the areas that you might want to target for improvement.

And now, after you've made your plan and are dedicated to sticking with it, go back to your holiday relaxing. Sip on some egg nog, eat a little too much, maybe even forget some of your students' names! (OK, like that could ever really happen!)

Know what you will do when you return to school and enjoy your moments away from the classroom. We all know that work time will return all too soon!

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