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Black History Month

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Lesson Plans and Activities

Martin Luther King Lesson Plans
Lessons and ideas for celebrating the man and his message.

African-American Storytellers
Examines the interplay between Black storytellers and Black society.

Art of the Quilt
A detailed lesson plan that examines the beauty and history of quilts and their African heritage, in particular.

Black History Month
Here, you'll find lots of crafts, as well as details on prominent Black inventors.

Black History Month Lesson Plans
Tons of great resources from the people at TeacherVision.com.

Harriet Tubman Activities
A collection of practical ideas from a real teacher.

Poetry of 20th Century Black America
A thoroughly designed curriculum unit that explores the world of poetry by Black Americans.

The Civil Rights Movement Begins
A Second Grade lesson that begins to explore the origins of the Civil Rights Movement.

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