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Mini-Lesson Plans

A Printable Template for Writer's Workshop


Lessons do not have to last 30-45 minutes in order for students to fully grasp a concept. By providing a short lesson, students can learn a concept in as little as 15 minutes. Below you will find a mini lesson plan template that you can use for your writer's workshop.

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  • What is the lesson about? What does it focus on? This where you name the teaching point.
  • Gather the materials you will need in order to teach the concept to the students.
  • Activate prior knowledge. This is where you talk about what you taught in the previous lesson. For example, "Yesterday we learned about..." and "Today we will learn about..."
Direct Instruction
  • Demonstrate your teaching points to the students. Act as if you are a student working independently. For example, "Let me show you how I..." and "One way I can do that is by..."
  • Explain teaching points and give examples.
  • Model
  • Guided practice
Active Engagement (Guided Practice)
  • During this phase of the mini lesson you act as coach and assess the students. For example,"Now you are going to turn to your partner and..."
  • This is where you will review key points and clarify if needed. For Example, "Today I taught you..." and "Every time you read you are going to..."
Independent Work
  • Students practice working independently using the information they just learned from your teaching points.
  • Can be individual, partner or group.
  • Students share what they have learned. Ask students, "Did you use what you learned? Did it work? How will you use it next time?
  • Tie up any loose ends and use this time to further instruct.

For additional information and tips, read about thematic units and lesson plans.

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