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8 Fun Field Day Activities for Elementary Students

Celebrate the End of the School Year with Fun Activities


8 Fun Field Day Activities for Elementary Students

Make sure to give out awards or certificates at the end of the field day.

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The school year is coming to an end, how will you celebrate? With a school field day of course! Here you will find the top 8 field day activities for elementary students. Each of these activities are easy to set up, and will provide hours of entertainment.

Note: The activities listed below are for a small group or a whole group setting. Each activity may require special materials.

  1. Egg Toss

    This isn't the classic game you may be thinking of. This egg toss game requires a variety of different colored plastic eggs. Randomly divide students into groups and assign each group a color egg. Set up a "bulls eye" type target and label with points. The outer hole is 5 pts. the inner hole is 10 pts. and the center hole is 15 pts. The object of the game is to get the eggs in the hole. The team with the most points wins!

  2. Dress Up Relay

    This is a unique spin on the classic relay race. Divide students into teams of two and have each team stand one behind another in a straight line. Choose one person from each team to stand at the opposite end of the room. On your go, students will take turns running to the end of the line to put one piece of silly clothing on their classmate. By silly, I mean a wig, clown shoes, dads shirt etc. The team who has their classmate completely dressed and are all standing back in line, wins!

  3. Hula Hoop Dance Off

    This field day activity is pretty self explanatory. Each student is given a hula hoop and at your go, must dance while hula hopping. The person who dances the longest wins, while keeping up the hula hoop wins!

  4. Balance Beam Egg Walk

    For this field day activity you will need a balance beam, spoon, and a few dozen eggs. You can either divide students into teams of two, or have each student play for themselves. The object of the game is to carry the egg on the spoon across the balance beam without falling off.

  5. Tic Tac Toe Toss

    Tic Tac Toe Toss is among one of the most popular field day activities for elementary students. This game requires nine Frisbee's, which you flip upside down and use as the tic tac toe board. It also requires Popsicle sticks,(which you glue together to form an x) and butter lids, (which will be used as the o). To play the game, have students toss their x or o onto the Frisbee to see who can get tic tac toe. The first one that gets three in a row, wins.

  6. Mystery Bowls

    Do you want to creep out your students? For this field day activity students will have to guess what they are feeling while blindfolded. In a small fish bowl place objects such as, cold pasta, peeled grapes, gummy worms, and jello. Have students take turns trying to guess what they touched. The first team to guess the most jars wins. (It is best to divide students into teams of two for this game)

  7. Stack Them Up Relay

    Children are naturally competitive and love relays. For this game all you need is paper cups and a table. Divide students into teams of two and have them stand in a relay line. The object of this field day game is to be the first team to stack their cups into a pyramid. To begin, one person from each team runs to the table across the room and places their cup on the table and runs back. Then the next team member does the same thing but they must place it in a position that a pyramid can be formed by the last person. The first team to stack their cups into a pyramid wins.

  8. Go Fish Spelling

    No field is complete without a fishing game. Fill a baby swimming pool with words students have learned throughout the school year. Make sure to place a magnet on the back of each word. Then adhere a magnet on the end of a fishing pole, or yard stick. Divide students into teams, and have each team compete against each other to create a sentence. The first team to create a sentence with the words they "fished out" in three minutes wins.

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