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5 Best Tech Tools for the Classroom

Technology Teachers Can't Live Without


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At this day and age, it's hard to keep up with the must-have tech tools for education. It seems like a new device to help us learn quicker and better comes out every week. With the ever-changing technology, it can seem like an uphill battle to know what is the best way to integrate the latest technology into your classroom. Here we will take a look what are the best tech tools for student learning.

Classroom Apps

Everyone has heard of Apple's app store by now. It is the latest phenomenon in technology. There are literally thousands of apps that teachers can download to their iPad to facilitate in student learning. Classroom apps can make lessons more fun and entertaining for children. Apple's iPad has become the most popular tech tool in classroom across the nation.

How Classroom Apps Can Be Effective

Interactive SMART Board

SMART boards, or as some call it Interactive Whiteboards, are becoming vastly popular in the classrooms that can afford one. SMART boards make lessons fun by allowing students to get hands-on and interact with the lessons. Teachers love them because they bring the curriculum to life, keep students engaged, and help students understand complex concepts. If your classroom does not have a whiteboard, but does have an iPad, then you can now download a free app to turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. (Educreations Interactive Whiteboard App )

How to Integrate Smart Boards into the Classroom

Computer Software

Long before interactive whiteboards and classroom apps, the only technology that teachers used in the classroom was a computer. Computers are still an essential tool to use, and most classrooms are lucky enough (at the very least) to have one or two of them. Some of the must-have software to use in your classroom are Kispix, Kidspiration and Inspiration. These programs help students develop their vocabulary, critical thinking skills and reading for comprehension. They also strengthen students writing skills, as well as help them build their understanding in math concepts.

Social Media

When you hear the term "social media" Facebook and Twitter may come to mind, and you may be thinking how can that benefit me or my students? Well, using the power of social media can connect you with other teachers, and help your students learn and connect with their peers. Websites such as ePals, Edmodo and Skype can help students connect with other classrooms all across the world. This will give them the advantage of learning different languages and understanding other cultures. For teachers there are websites such as Schoology and Pinterest, where teachers can connect with fellow educators and share lesson plans and teaching materials. Using social media can be a power tool in education for you and your students.

The Internet

Something as simple as the internet can be one of the most effective tools in a child's education. Why not embrace what your students already love to do? I am sure that the majority of your students already use the internet at home, so why not use it at school. If you are looking towards your students future, then you know that once they go out in the world, their future employers will want them to understand the internet. Get a head start and introduce your students to the world of the internet and all it has to offer.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and as teachers, it is our job to keep up with it. If we want our students to thrive and evolve in this world, then we need to make an effort to embrace in the latest technology.

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