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Real Writing Ideas for Elementary School

Real Writing for Real Audiences


Coming up with writing ideas for your elementary age students may come as a challenge. Here you will find real writing examples and the purpose for writing them. Use these ideas as inspiration to help your students practice their writing skills.

Tips for Incorporating These Ideas into Your Lesson Plans

It's easy to incorporate any of the following writing ideas into your lessons. First you will need to choose what your main lesson is going to be about. Let's say you are going to teach a lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr. The first step would be to teach the students his biography. Then, you can have the students write their own biography. If you want to go even further and choose a few ideas from the list, you can then have the students read MLK's "I have a Dream" speech and have them write their own version of the speech. For this particular lesson students can write MLK a friendly letter, make a poster of his famous sayings, or write a short story about his accomplishments.

Writing Ideas & Purpose for Writing

  • Newspaper Article- To find out about current events
  • Billboards- To advertise quickly
  • Resumes- To list accomplishments
  • Travel Brochure- To plan a trip
  • Portfolio- To show work
  • Poster- To visually learn about something
  • Review- To critique something or give your opinion
  • Advertisement- To persuade someone to buy something
  • Directions- To learn how to do something or how to get somewhere
  • Letter to an Editor- To complain about something
  • Friendly Letter- To express your feelings to someone
  • Business Letter - To express concern about a matter or request an action
  • Short Story- To tell a story about something
  • Speech- To express your point of view on a matter
  • Songs- To express your feelings or point of view with music
  • Biography- To write about someone's life
  • Autobiography- To write about your own life
  • Recipe- To make something
  • Card- To thank, congratulate, sympathize or wish someone well
  • Poem- To descriptively express feelings
  • Banner- To express ideas or a title
  • Comic Strip- To tell a story with cartoons
  • Play script- To make a movie, tv show or a play
  • Menu- To describe something in detail
  • Email- To express your feelings about something
  • Interview- To learn about someone's life or point of view
  • Journal- To express personal feelings
  • Diaries- To express personal feelings and emotions
  • Research- To learn about a subject matter
  • Instant Message- To get a quick response
  • Texting- To quickly receive information
  • Retelling- To describe what you just learned
  • Folktales- To understand other cultures
  • Expository Text- To describe factual information
  • Narrative Text- To entertain readers
  • Lists- To provide information that needs to get done
  • Blog Post- To provide information to readers
  • Obituary- To express feelings about someone that has passed
  • Announcement- To celebrate upcoming news

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