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You can't teach your students unless you first assess exactly where they are and what they're developmentally ready to learn. These resources will help make your assessment tasks easier and more effective.
  1. Grading Students (10)

A Simple Guide on How to Grade Elementary Students
Learn how to grade elementary students in this in-depth guide for elementary school teachers. Discover the do's and don'ts, grading scales, using rubrics, codes for marking grades and much more.

Promoting Student Growth
Discover ways a professional educator can promote student growth in the elementary education classroom. Learn tips and techniques that will help your students succeed in school.

Pros and Cons of Merit Pay For Teachers
The controversial issue of Merit Pay for teachers is hot on the pages of the New York Times. Elementary Educators have a lot to get off their chests when it comes to this issue. Here are the main pros and cons so that you can educate yourself and join the discussion, too.

Standardized Test Pressure
If you're in education in the 21st Century, I'm willing to bet you feel the pressure of standardized test scores, no matter where you teach in the United States. The pressure seems to come from all sides.

Independent Reading Conference Form/Checklist
Use this reading conference form/checklist when observing your elementary students. This observation guide will help you collect notes and decide what kind of intervention your student needs.

Teachers Salary Merit Pay - What Is Your Opinion of Merit Pay…
The issue of merit pay for teachers salaries is a hot topic that can sometimes turn into a sensitive issue. What do you think? Should teachers' salaries be tied to the quantified performance of his or her students? Should test scores determine the pay that a teacher deserves?

Example of a Personalized Instructional Plan for Elementary Teachers
Here you will find an example of a Personalized Instruction Plan for a first grade elementary student. This example focuses on data analysis, observations, a specific treatment plan.

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