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Becoming a Teacher

So you think you'd like to enter the world of education by becoming a teacher? Takes some advice and tips from the teachers who have paved the way before you. Learn how to take the next step on your path to becoming an educator.
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What is the Role of a Teacher?
What is the role of a teacher? Discover a teacher's role along with the specific duties they must perform.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher
Are you interested in learning how to become an elementary school teacher? Here is a quick guide to help you reach your goal.

Elementary Teacher Qualifications
Discover what teacher qualifications are needed to become an elementary school teacher. This includes education, degree, licensing, certification, continuing education and much more.

Educational Philosophy Sample Statement
Here you will discover an educational philosophy sample statement. Use this example as inspiration to help you create your own statement.

How to Make a Professional Portfolio
What better way to introduce your skills and achievements to prospective employers than with a perfectly designed professional portfolio?

Top Notch Elementary Teaching Job Resources
Looking for an elementary teaching job? Discover the best resources to help you get the teaching job your looking for.

8 Things Teachers Need to Survive in the Classroom
Learn the top 8 things teachers need in order to survive in school. Get an in-depth view of what it is teachers need in order to run a successful classroom.

First Teacher Observation
Having your first teacher observation? Here you will learn essential tips from experienced classroom teachers and administrators.

Survival Guide for New Teachers
Here you will discover everything a new teacher will need to have a successful school year. From setting up the classroom and easing first day jitters, to implementing learning strategies and designing an effective classroom management system.

LAST Test Overview
Learn frequently asked questions about the New York State LAST exam in this quick guide for prospective teachers.

Student Expectations for Beginning Teachers
A simple guide of student expectations for beginning teachers. Learn tips and suggestions to help beginning teachers make realistic and achievable goals for their students.

8 Signs You Should Become a Teacher
Are you thinking about becoming an elementary school teacher? If you possess all or most of these personal qualities, I think you could contribute a lot to children, the community, and the field of Education. While there is no static formula for what makes an excellent educator, these personality traits form the essential foundation for succeeding in the classroom as an instructor and a…

Top Seven Reasons To Become A Teacher
Teaching is more than just a job. It's a calling. It's an ever-surprising mix of grueling hard work and ecstatic successes, both big and small. The most effective teachers are in it for more than just a paycheck. They keep their energy levels up by focusing on why they got into teaching in the first place. Here are the top seven reasons you should join the ranks and find a classroom …

Reasons to Become a Teacher - Share Top Reasons to Become a Teacher
Teaching is more than just a job; it's a calling. Share your answers to this question: Why did you become a teacher?

Love About Teaching - What Do You Love About Teaching?
We all know teaching can be, at times, a challenging profession. But what do you love about teaching?

Teacher Dress Code Guidelines
Even though "clothing doesn't make the man," every profession has attire guidelines and teaching is no exception - even when the standards aren't explicitly written down.

Getting into Teaching: 10 Popular Questions
Interested in becoming a teacher? Learn everything you need to know in this quick FAQ guide for soon-to-be preservice teachers.

Favorite Teacher Outfits
Looking to update your teacher outfits? Here you will discover tips and tricks to help you put together a simple but classic teacher outfit. Pair a simple blazer with dark pants or jeans.

How the Obama Administration is Taking Action to Improve Teaching
Discover how the Obama Administration is taking action to improve teacher preparation programs.

How New Teachers Can Prepare for the First Day of School
Here you will learn how new teachers can prepare for the first day of school with these essential tips and strategies.

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