1. Education

Behavior Management and Student Discipline

You can't teach effectively if your students are not under control. Here's what you need to know in order to run a disciplined classroom full of respectful and productive students. Includes tips for school discipline and behavior management of students and the classroom as a whole.
  1. Classroom Rules (4)

Tips and Tricks to Getting Students' Attention
Here you will discover 20 attention signals to get (and keep) your students attention. Plus, tips to help you keep your students' attention.

Turn-A-Card Behavior Management Plan
Learn about a popular behavior management system elementary teachers use in their classrooms to promote positive classroom behavior.

5 Popular Behavior Management Strategies
Top 5 Behavior management resources to help you establish and maintain effective classroom discipline.

Behavior Management Tips
Discover a collection of behavior management tips and ideas that will help motivate good behavior from your elementary school students.

Effective and Fun Classroom Job Charts
Classroom job charts. Discover a variety of ideas to help you create the perfect classroom job chart for your elementary classroom. Ideas include using library pockets, close pins, and much more.

Behavior Management Tools for Young Learners
Here you will discover simple behavior management tools for young learners, in this in-depth article for elementary school teachers.

5 Tips to Help the Disorganized Student
Tips and ideas for teachers that want to help organize their disorganized students in the classroom.

Tips on Handling Difficult Students
Dealing with difficult students can be quite a challenge for teachers. Discover five tips on how to combat this disruptive behavior.

Get Student Attention - How Do You Get Your Students' Attention?
How do you get your students' attention? Share your ideas and learn from other teachers.

Free and Effective Classroom Rewards
Don't spend your hard-earned money buying little material rewards for your students. See how you can spend nothing and get a whole lot of great behavior in return!

Classroom Rewards That Are No-Cost But Highly Effective
Don't spend your hard-earned money buying little material rewards for your students. See how you can spend nothing and get a whole lot of great behavior in return!

Quick Tip for Handling Tattling in the Classroom
A quick tip for handling tattling in the elementary classroom.

Students Tattling - How Do You Handle Students Tattling?
Students Tattling - How Do You Handle Students Tattling?

How Teachers Should Report Suspected Abuse of Children
Teachers are state-mandated reporters. Here's how to handle reporting suspected child abuse based on signs you observe in your students.

Tips for Helping Teachers Ease Students' First Day of School Jitters
Tips for helping anxious young students deal with their first day of school jitters and clinginess to parents.

Sample Behavior Contract for Student Discipline
Use this sample behavior contract to help your most challenging students come back into line with your discipline plan.

Behavior Contracts for Challenging Students
Read about a structured way to straighten out behavior problems with particular students. Build a cohesive team between parents, teacher, and student and set off on a path to improvement and success!

How to Hold Regular Class Meetings
By holding regular class meetings, you can help maintain a safe and friendly environment for your elementary school students. Class meetings can also be called Community Circle and they really help with student discipline.

Quiet Students Without Saying a Word
Quiet students mean a productive and happy classroom atmosphere. Try these simple nonverbal methods for maintaining class control.

Using "The Essential 55" by Ron Clark in Your Classroom
A discussion of how to use Ron Clark's book The Essential 55 in the elementary classroom.

5 Ways to Battle Bullying in School
Fight the bully battle by learning a few ways to battle bullying in school.

Bullying Prevention Strategies
Bully prevention strategies and tips for K-6.

Behavor Managment Clip Charts
Learn how to monitor students' behavior with a classroom clip chart. Here you will discover a variety of behavior management charts and tips for your elementary classroom.

How to Stop Bullying in Your Classroom
Here you will discover how to stop bullying in your classroom. Raise awareness with your students by partaking in these classroom activities.

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