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List of Classroom Jobs for the Elementary School Classroom

From Pencil Sharpener to Door Monitor, Teach Your Students Responsibility


Combined with an official Classroom Job Application, this list of possible jobs will help you design a classroom job program that teaches your young students how to be responsible for their surroundings.
  • Pencil Sharpener - makes sure the class always has a supply of sharpened pencils
  • Paper Monitor - passes papers back to students
  • Chair Stacker - in charge of stacking the chairs at the end of the day
  • Door Monitor - opens and closes the door as class comes and goes
  • Chalkboard/Overhead Eraser - erases at end of the day
  • Librarian - in charge of the class library
  • Energy Monitor - makes sure to turn off the light when class leaves the room
  • Line Monitor - leads the line and keeps it quiet in the halls
  • Table Captain - may be more than one student
  • Plant Technician- waters plants
  • Desk Inspector - catches dirty desks
  • Animal Trainer - takes care of any classroom pets
  • Teacher Assistant - helps the teacher at any time
  • Attendance Person - takes the attendance folder to the office
  • Homework Monitor - tells students who were absent what homework they missed
  • Bulletin Board Coordinator - more than one student who plans and decorates one bulletin board in the classroom

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