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Teaching Strategies

Some days, we all feel like beginning teachers. That's why these Teaching Strategies are not just for new teachers, but also veteran educators. These strategies represent the most fundamental skills that effective teachers use on a daily basis to be successful.
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  2. Reading Strategies (14)
  3. Instructional Strategies (4)

Cooperative Learning Tips and Techniques
Learn cooperative learning tips, techniques and much more in this in-depth guide. Discover what is it, how it works, group management tips and commonly used strategies.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Student Birthdays in School
Looking for fun ways to celebrate student birthdays in school? Discover fun ideas to make each student feel special.

Effective Cooperative Learning Strategies
Here you will find cooperative learning strategies to help improve your students' skills. Discover what students should do when working in groups, specific roles that will help groups work better, and how to monitor groups.

How to Increase Student Participation in Your Classroom (Part 1)
Discover several ways to encourage student participation in your elementary classroom. Learn strategies and activities to help motivate and increase interaction among students.

How to Increase Student Participation in Your Classroom (Part 2)
Discover part 2 of the series, How to Increase Student Participation in Your Classroom. Learn ideas, strategies and activities to help motivate and increase interaction among students.

Classroom Learning Activites to Compliment Your Lessons
Discover a collection of classroom learning activities for reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary.

What is a Brain Break?
What is a brain break? Get your students back on track with a brain break activity. Learn a few classroom pick-me-ups and tips from teachers.

Fashion Tips for Teachers
7 Fashion tips for teachers to help you learn what is and is not appropriate to wear in the classroom.

How to Conduct the First Day of School
Learn tips and suggestions on how to conduct the first day of school.

Celebrate Student Birthdays - How Do You Celebrate Student Birthdays in the...
Take a moment to share with other teachers how you celebrate student birthdays in your classroom.

Reading Strategies for Elementary Students
Discover how to incorporate reading strategies for elementary students to increase your students reading success. Learn reading strategies and prompts to teach your students.

Helping Kids Cope in the Wake of a Tragedy
Learn tips for helping kids cope and talking to students about tragedy. Discover how to have a conversation about the topics that are important.

Design Your Educational Philosophy
Design an educational philosophy to guide your decision-making and to help remind you why you entered teaching in the first place.

Top 8 Reasons Why Non-Teachers Can Never Really Understand
Non-teachers may think they know, but they have no idea!

The Value of Self-Reflection
Why teachers should pause and relfect on the successes and shortcomings of the previous school year as a new year begins.

Book Review: Ron Clark's "The Excellent 11"
A book review of "The Excellent 11," Ron Clark's follow-up to his wildly popular "Essential 55."

How to Help Parents Raise Great Readers
Help parents learn how to raise great readers by implementing reading strategies into their everyday life. Discover tips, suggestions and activities to improve reading skills in elementary aged children.

National PTA Press Release: How You Can Help Sandy Hook Elementary School
Learn from the National PTA how students can help the Victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy in this in-depth article.

Resources for Schools to Prepare for and Recover from Crisis
An in -depth article from the US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan on how schools can prepare for and recover from crisis.

Six Traits of Writing
Learn how to develop your students writing skills by using the six traits of writing approach, as well as teaching activities for each component.

5 Fun Field Trip Ideas
Discover 5 fun and exciting educational field trip ideas for your elementary school classroom.

Betty Davis - Guest Author
Bio of author and owner of the tutoring Company, "Fun with Phonics", Betty Davis.

How to Celebrate Student Birthdays
An easy and meaningful way to celebrate student birthdays in the elementary classroom.

Tips to Celebrate School Safety Month in Elementary School
A variety of school safety tips and activities to ensure students know what to do in a crisis.

What is Depth of Knowledge?
Learn what depth of knowledge is, along with descriptors for each level, as well as stem questions and correlating activities.

Fun Ideas for Vocabulary Expansion
Activities and ideas to expand elementary students' vocabulary.

Top 5 Lists for Teaching
Explore our most popular top 5 lists for teaching on k6educators, from top 5 ice breakers and top 5 common core apps, to the top 5 review activities and top 5 ways to battle a bully. You will find 10 great top 5 resources all in one place.

Top 10 Lists
Explore some of our most popular top 10 lists for teaching, from 10 ways to use the newspaper and top 10 learning strategies, to top 10 back-to-school activities and top 10 children's books about dads.

How to Make Learning Fun
Make learning fun! Browse these 10 tips and you will discover a variety of effective ways to make learning fun again!

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