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Trivia Card Shuffle Ice Breaker Game for Back to School

A Playful Way to Get to Know Your New Class


Break the ice on the first day of school with this fun getting-to-know-you activity that gives your students a chance to share special facts about themselves. It can also offer an opportunity to practice oral communication skills, too.

Trivia Card Shuffle - First, come up with a predetermined set of questions about your students. Write them on the board for all to see. These questions can be about anything, ranging from "What is your favorite food?" to "What did you do this summer?"

Give each student an index card numbered 1-5 (or however many questions you are asking) and have them write their answers to the questions on it, in order. You should also fill out a card about yourself. After a few minutes, collect the cards and redistribute them to the students, making sure no one gets their own card.

From here, there are two ways that you can finish out this Ice Breaker. The first option is to have the students get up and mingle as they chat and try to figure out who wrote the cards they are holding. The second method is to begin the sharing process by modeling for the students how to use the card to introduce a classmate. For example, the student will say, "Class, this is ________. His favorite food is ________. This summer, he ________, etc."

Have one student come up with the person on their card and introduce their classmate to the class. The introduced person will then introduce the person whose card he is holding, and so on until the whole class is introduced.

Depending on which method you choose, you can decide whether or not the students should identify themselves by name on the cards.

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