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Lesson Plans are the bread and butter of teaching. Here, you can get ideas and inspiration that you can take into the classroom and use as early as tomorrow.
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How to Write Effective Lesson Plans
Are you looking for resources that will help you write effective lesson plans? Here you will discover 8 articles that will help you do just that.

5 Successful Review Activities for Elementary Students
Here you will learn five review activities that will turn your students gripes into grins. Ideas include: graffiti wall, sink or swim, 3-2-1 review, and much more.

What is a Lesson Plan?
What is a lesson plan? It is a detailed guide for how a lesson will be taught. Use this quick guide to learn everything you need to know about a lesson plan.

Pen Pals - A New Spin on an Old Tradition
Looking for your students to connect with their peers? Learn how pen pals can be an effective program in your classroom. Discover how to get connected in today's world.

Blank Reading Lesson Plan Template
Use this printable,blank reading lesson plan template for all of your elementary education language arts lessons and activities.

Share a Primary Grade (K-3) Lesson Plan
Share your favorite primary grades (K-3) elementary lesson plans with other teachers.See submissions

Top 10 components of a Language Arts Lesson Plan
Looking for a language arts lesson plan template? Learn the top 10 essential components of a reading lesson plan.

Share an Upper Grade (4th, 5th, and 6th) Lesson Plan
Share your favorite upper grades (4-6) elementary lesson plans with other teachers.See submissions

Ice Breakers for the First Day of Elementary School
Help your students break the ice and get to know each other with this quick and easy selection of First Day of School ice breakers for elementary school classrooms. Perfect for Back to School.

Bloom's Taxonomy - Asking the Right Questions of Your Students
Use Bloom's Taxonomy to move your students through the learning process.

Caraboose, The Tooth Fairy Moose
Caraboose the Tooth Fairy Moose by Lynn Swanson is a delightful children's picture book about a moose who substitutes for the tooth fairy while she is away. Learn more about this humorous story in this in-depth book review.

Bingo Across the Curriculum
You don't need expensive, formal Bingo boards to bring the power of a good Bingo game to any subject you please. Let me show you how's done. This is a great lesson plan to keep in your back pocket for when you have a short amount of time to fill, or when other plans fall through and you need a quick activity to do with your students.

Blank Lesson Plan Template
Use this blank 8-part lesson plan template every time that you need to write a lesson plan for elementary school teaching.

Free Easy Elementary Lesson Plans Right At Your Fingertips
Are you in the market for free and easy elementary lesson plans? This article shows you how inspiration, structure, and ideas are right at your fingerprints when you know the right place to look for Elementary Lesson Plans!

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 1 - Materials and Resources
Materials and resources is the first step in creating a flawless reading lesson plan. Required materials for a language arts lesson can consist of books,videos,worksheets etc.

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 2 - Reading Strategies
Reading strategies is the first step in writing a flawless reading lesson plan. This is where you decide what strategies the students will learn during the language arts lesson.

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 3 - Overview and Purpose
Overview and purpose is the third step in writing a flawless reading lesson plan for the elementary school classroom. This is where you describe the basis of your lesson and the purpose for it.

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 4 - Educational Standards
Educational standards is the forth step in creating a flawless reading lesson plan. Educational standards for language arts are established to improve language use.

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 5 - Objectives and Goals
Stating your objectives and goals is the fifth step in writing a flawless reading lesson plan. Objectives provide a sense of what you want your students to achieve during a lesson.

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 6 - Anticipatory Set
Anticipatory set is the sixth step in creating a flawless reading lesson plan for an elementary school classroom. During this step you activate prior knowledge and give a brief summary of the lesson.

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 8 - Closure
Closure is step eight in creating a flawless reading lesson plan. Closure in language arts can consist of a brief summary of what was learned.

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 9 - Independent Activity
Independent activity is the ninth step in creating a flawless reading lesson plan. Independent activities is where students reinforce skills learned without the teachers guidance.

Reading Lesson Plan Step # 10 - Verification and Assessment
Verification and assessment is the tenth step in creating a flawless reading lesson plan. Assessment is where you verify and test the knowledge of what was learned in the lesson.

50 Quick Writing Prompts
Looking for a few writing prompts to get your students creative juices flowing? Look no further, here are 50 quick writing ideas and prompts for elementary students.

Short and Long Vowel Lesson Plan
Here you will find a short vowel and a long vowel lesson plan to help elementary students learn to differentiate between the two, as well as be able to recognize, remember, and produce the sounds of each.

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