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Lesson Plan Step #8 - Assessment and Follow-Up


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Definition: A 8-step lesson plan is not complete without the final step of Assessment. This is where you assess the final outcome of the lesson and to what extent the learning objectives were achieved.

Learning goals can be assessed through quizzes, tests, independently performed worksheets, cooperative learning activities, hands-on experiments, oral discussion, question-and-answer sessions, or other concrete means.

Most importantly, ensure that the Assessment activity is directly and explicitly tied to the stated learning objectives.

Once the students have completed the given assessment activity, you must take some time to reflect upon the results. If the learning objectives were not adequately achieved, you will need to revisit the lesson in a different manner.

Student performance informs future lessons and where you will take your students next.

  • Quiz
  • Test
  • Class discussion
  • Hands-on experiment
  • Worksheet
  • Cooperative Learning activities
  • Illustrations or Graphic Organizers

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